Buying a physical copy after playing the digital free trial

So, I’ve been playing the free trial (HINT: Gearbox, I personally believe you should call it “free to play” and rename the buyable version as “all characters pack”).

This game is actually really awesome and far more creative than Overwatch!!

So I’ve bought a disc copy of it from Amazon.

And here’s the question: will I lose my progress (levels, characters unlocked, etc.) when I switch from the digital free trial to the physical disc copy??


No, it goes by your online profile. All you need to do is delete the game data and install the physical copy. Also, don’t be worried if it let’s you in the game, but not make everything readily available (the command tab takes the longest); it’s normal.

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Some people learn that the hard way.


I don’t think advertising as free trial was a good decision, but I don’t see how advertising as free to play is better. IMO the best way to advertise would be to call the free trial the free edition. There are preconceived ideas about what a free trial and a free to play game is, but, as far as I know, there aren’t any for a game that offers a free edition of it.

No offense to anyone really, I’m just trying to be perceptive about the issue here, but, from what I’ve seen people have a problem with free trial because simple minded people assume it’s a limited time thing. But counter argument: Wouldn’t simple minded people just assume free to play means they can play the entire game for free? As far as I know there aren’t any free to play games that lock non-cosmetic content behind a paywall so…

The game is a cult hit but the cult is really small. But if your in the cult it’s so worth playing

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An’ some people just don’t give any f**ks and continue to call him “cute” and “adorable” just because I can.


I’ve played smaller games, trust me. Stop being pessimist, spread the passion for Battleborn. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think he’s being pessimistic at all. “Cult Classic” is a pretty good way to describe Battleborn if you ask me.

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I wasn’t trying to be. There is already a thread about bb future where those opinion are available. I think at this point in the games life being a cult hit is a good thing. Those that play it are passionate. Definitely not a game for everyone (borne out by current population levels ) but if it’s for you, it’s worth the effort to learn.