Buying a physical copy

if I were to buy a physical copy of the game now after I have started playing the trial on steam, will my progress carry over?
Or do I have to buy the game via steam?
I was wondering because the physical game is a lot cheaper than the steam version.

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All progress should carry over, yeah.


If you check the developer stream announcement about the free trial, it basically says (as per @reliikki) that progress carries over, without being specific as to physical or digital purchase. Makes sense since the save is server-side and tied to your profile. Pinging @Jythri for full confirmation though.


great, thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, confirmed.

We’ve tried to say this everywhere we’ve posted details. But a few facts seem to be hard to communication.

  • Free Trial will last indefinitely. There is no timer. There is no hour cap. Under our current plan, as long as Battleborn servers are up, Battleborn multiplayer will be freely available for all.
  • As a free-to-Try player, any progress earned with Character Rank, Command Rank, Gear Acquisition, Credits earning, and challenge progression is remembered forever. When you upgrade to the Full game, then, you lose none of that progress; rather, you simply gain what the full game offers on top (Access to story, permanent access to the 25 core characters, permanent access to Private matches).
  • If you make progress on a character that is on free rotation, when that character goes off free rotation you will not have access to that character. However, your progress is not lost. The next time the character is on free rotation, you can continue progress ranking up that character. If you choose to purchase that character, you do not lose progress but continue where you left off. If you buy the full game, you do not lose progress on that character but can continue ranking up.
  • Any additional purchases you make (Character skins, taunts) will still be entitled to your account even if the character goes off of free rotation. You’ll still have them when the character is available to you again.
  • For any characters you purchase before the full game upgrade, when you upgrade to full game we reimburse you in of the core 25 characters Credits the credit cost of that character (three tiers: 13500, 35000, 47500).
  • The Season Pass is a separate upgrade that gives you the 5 operation missions as well as the 5 DLC characters (Alani, Pendles, Ernest, Kid Ultra, Beatrix). Similar to the full game upgrade, if you have already purchased any of those characters, we will refund the cost to you in Credits (47,500 each).
  • For Xbox and PS4, there are some other caveats of the disc (not the digitally purchased version). The disc effectively acts as your “key”. When it’s in, you can play the game and are a full game user with all of the above entitlements. When it is out, you cannot play, unless you delete the current game and download the Trial version. In that case, your progress is maintained, and you will have access to any content you have a la carte purchased. But you will not have permanent access to the 25 characters, story missions, or private missions.

Hope this helps provide some detailed answers to you guys.


Welcome to Battleborn! :slight_smile: