Buying season pass now after unlocking with credits

I’ve already unlocked Alani and Pendles with credits, but now I’m considering getting the season pass. I contacted gearbox support and they informed me that I will not get those credits I spent back. Does anyone know how this works? Does this mean I only get 1 hero key (for Ernest) since I haven’t unlocked him? Or do I get 3 hero keys for the 3 heroes released to date (Alani, Pendles, Ernest) but can only use 1 key and 2 keys are useless??

It seems like the season pass won’t be worth it then if I’m only getting less useable keys for the same price.

The only real reason to get the season pass in your case would be if you wanted all of the DLC story operations, and wanted to save some $$ on the set. If you only care about PvP and aren’t interested in PvE, don’t buy and farm credits to unlock the remaining BB’s. At this point, I’d simply keep building up credits for the next character, and wait at least until after the GBX PAX West panel tomorrow for more details on the first DLC.


I was in a similar situation and I’ll tell you how it worked in my case. I play mostly pve and had been meaning to buy season pass for a while but took a break from game. I had a key for Alani already (don’t remember where it came from, pre-order or beta?) and she was unlocked but I spent 47k credits on Pendles. When I finally got around to buying season pass my first action was to use a key on Ernest. Then I heard something about being able to refund credits spent. So I looked in the marketplace under transaction history and sure enough there was a refund option under Pendles. I clicked it and it gave me 47k credits back. Then I went to character tab in marketplace and Pendles was there again for purchase. When I clicked him they had an option to unlock with credits or use a key. I was able to use a key on him. So I got Pendles back and my 47k.

I don’t think I had an extra key because I had to buy Pendles the first time. The option to use key only came up after I bought season pass, refunded him and tried to repurchase. I’m not saying it will work 100% for you because you have more heroes paid but I did get a refund on Pendles.


Yes, I suppose.

You can use keys to unlock any hero, not just new ones, but I assume you have them all unlocked already.

Hey, thanks man, I went and saw this option in the marketplace. I think this is what I will do!

let me know how it turns out. hope it works out for you

It turned out exactly as I hoped. Got the credits back, bought the season pass and used the keys to unlock the heroes. Now I can use the credits on loot packs hahaha


Nice. Glad it worked for you. Nice to see that bank