Buying the digital deluxe edition

I already own the base game (and the season pass), i purchased it on steam before it was even out. Now that the digital deluxe is on sale i wanted to buy it for the extra taunts and to support the game, but steam doesn’t let me because i own the base game. I can only buy it as a gift. Does somebody know a way to get the digital deluxe?

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you maybe have to get it as a gift from someone

It won’t keep your data fyi. Idk how to help with your problem

Here’s what I had to do.

  1. First of all I’m one of those poor guys that pre-ordered.
    I put 1,700 hours into the vanilla copy.

  2. Have multiple Steam accounts from when Steam first started, was part of the VDC.
    Reactivated an original Steam account that didn’t have BB.

  3. Got Digital Deluxe and activated it on that older Steam account.

  4. Enabled Steam Sharing on the two accounts.
    They both use the same files. I edited the BB exe with a black spot in the corner to verify this.

…So, my new account is DD and uses the actual vanilla BB’s files but I don’t get the loot.
You can log into either account, only one will show DD, each will have their own achievements.

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What taunts do you get for DD?

They’re for Caldarius, Miko, Orendi, Oscar Mike and Phoebe if I’m not mistaken. Don’t know what they’re called though.