Buzz art

Work in progress…


It’ll cause such beautiful misery. I like the little lever that activates the saw, I’ve never seen it on the buzz axe before. I’m guessing it’s a little something you added, which I think is awesome. Wasn’t sure exactly how the buzz axe was even able to rotate without some mechanical rotating component. Even Krieg’s seemed to lack a lever to start axe, it just seemed to rotate on its own. Or maybe I just missed something? Either way, your design is magnificent.

Thanks! This is actually based on the new model from BL3. In the cosplay guide for bandit they have the image for the new axe. Looks pretty awesome, they have updated the model from BL2.
I di ask around in the main forum how the axe works, got some interesting replies. Planning to add a small motor on the axis of the buzz saw blade…Will post updates :slight_smile:


I knew I wasn’t off on the original design. I’m glad the devs are adding more detail to this iconic weapon of the series. Always wondered how they worked, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to those updates you have in mind. Hope to see what ya got soon.



Considering these things are supposed to be made with scavenged parts, you could add all sorts of neat features and it would be a-ok.

This one looks refined though, like it was a present for some bandit lord haha.