Buzzard ID question

Random question;
Is there any visual or audio way to determine that a Buzzard has missile capability?
Some do, some don’t, and I’ve never figured out a way to tell the difference. Matters to me in the Sawtooth Canyon missions, prioritizing the Buzzards that can fire missiles at you is a good thing.
But I haven’t noticed anything I can key from. Anyone?


Ive played the story over 10 times and i cant give you an answer.

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Is it the buzzards themselves, or is it the wingmen seated either side of the pilot? Sounds like a job for a two-player investigation!

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Then somebody’s gonna have to tell me, haven’t ever played co-op in 4 years, not gonna start now…:slight_smile:

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But it’s fun, RoA! Fun for the whole family!

Seriously though - if you’re on XB1 I would happily try and solve this with you. I’m thinking about it right now, and wondering there being rockets depends on mode - so you wouldn’t get them in NVHM but would in higher modes? Because it would be a darn sight easier if you could drop a max level character in NVHM, run up to Buzzard Academy, and just watch them all.

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I don’t believe so, I believe (and will try and confirm later) that you can get missiles in every play through.

Fun for the whole family
I don’t have a particular bias against co-op play, I was a massive Quake Arena player on-line (particularly with the Excessive mod), but not in BL. It’s not because of the other players, it’s because of me. I constantly pause, walk away, pet the cats, and do other things which I’m sure would drive co-players wild. My choice not to co-op is really to keep other people’s sanity.

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Just dropped in to NVHM and did what I had proposed. It looks like all the basic buzzards have rocket pods (located either side of the pilot just behind the cockpit and below the engine mounts.) It would appear that whether they shoot the front gun, fire rockets, or just fly around in circles threatening you (yes, that actually happened!) is all down to enemy AI RNG.


ive never played coop

For what it’s worth, I just finished up Sawtooth and sparred a bit with one gun-buzzard and one rocket-buzzard. This was on the roof so could see them fairly well. There was no difference I could see or hear (other than the incoming fire obviously).

And @ttrejo, there’s really no need to post something if you have nothing to offer.


I have similar issues with coop, just trade “pet cats” for “change diapers” and we’re in the same/similar boat friendo.

These Buzzard quotes in the associated wiki article seem to support that observation:

Launching Missiles

  • Bomb run!
  • Air drop!
  • Bombs away!
  • Who wants to explode!?
  • Droppin’ a bomb!
  • Explosive drop!
  • Nade dropping!
  • Nagisaki!
    Reference to the Japanese city destroyed by an atomic bomb on August 9, 1945.
  • Open wide!

@Jefe I have the right to post unless its flagged by the community I do not see a problem .

Back on topic, now.

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Those audio cues are probably enough. Of course, when there are multiple buzzard ion the sky (I had 5 spawn at once near Boombringer the other day) doesn’t let you home in on a specific target, but at least you’ll know a missile is probably coming.