BuzzAxe- how does it work?

I started blocking out the basic shapes based on the ref image from BL website but when it came to the circular saw part I just can’t phantom how this will work? where is the drive?
Well I know it is a game model so functionality is only secondary…but still how the hell does the BuzzAxe work? Trying to 3D print a small model but want to give it a more real/functional view. Any ideas? I can see a cable running from the lever to the top and probably a housing for the motor inside the main body but from there how will you drive the saw?!


My guess would actually be a gear to gear situation and a pressure plate kinda thing in handle.

You ever see a child’s toy tool and how pulling a trigger will make it spin? I’m thinking that it’s like that but with a very tuned gear ratio to make it deadly when a psycho’s ridiculous strength is applied.


Interesting…that is something I overlooked. Makes sense to have a weapon which works by that kind of energy transfer than a motorized one in Pandora wasteland :slight_smile: Still can’t figure out how that kind of gear system can be connected to the blade. Guess I will have to forget the functional parts and just follow the concept art :slight_smile:
Edit: OK so maybe the ‘pullstring’ mechanism is housed on the axle of the circular blade?

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It’s possible that the motor is built in to the hub/shaft of the blade itself, with the power source in the handle. There are electric bikes that work on a similar idea (including a rather infamous ‘cheat’ system for racing bikes.)

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Seems a bit advanced for a psychopath to design but an inertia mechanism such as a self winding watch has?

Quite possible…But for simplicity I am just going to add a small motor on one side of the circular saw and pretend that there is some battery housed inside the main body of the saw :slight_smile:

Yeah that is what I am thinking too…might just follow this and keep it simple :slight_smile:

Like you said, might be a bit complicated for a bandit :slight_smile:

Oh and by the way the design and detail looks so much better than BL2 BuzzAxe. Incredible design details on the BL3 model. Can’t wait to see this in full glory when the game is released. Here is hoping that all the assets and textures are taken to the next level in BL3…