BUZZING with ANTicipation

I remember seeing some really cool concept art for a female insect Eldrid character earlier. So, giggles and farts, I decided to make an insect lady.

I call her Sticky, and she is a Intectus from Ekkunar. Her people tended to the Codex, but unfortunately many of their homes were lost when the Jennerit Imperium burned the Codex.

Her people age very quickly, so she’s only 11, while appearing to be the human equivalent of 28.

Sticky is a high mobility, long range, high survivability character who focuses on dishing out lots of CC and being very hard to kill… but has trash for DPS. (however, she has potential for good burst damage, while sacrificing some survivability)
(edit: I failed this and she is in fact, very high DPS)

She excels as a counter-sniper.

Her hitbox is fairly sizable. About as big as Pharah from Overwatch.

She moves slightly slower than Marquis, but sprints slightly faster. (e.g Marquis with -5.60% movement speed and +9.80% sprint speed)

Maximum Hit Points: 1,126 at level 1, and 1,954 at level 10.
As an Eldrid, she has no shield and a base health regeneration of 7 hit points per second.

Passive: Hardened Carapace
Sticky’s tough exoskeleton prevents her from taking critical hits while above 50% health. (This is displayed in-game by a helmet that is visible while she’s above 50%, and it flies off when she’s damaged below 50%. Once she is back above 50%, it re-materializes.)

Weapon: Sticky uses her Triple-Barreled Intectus Honeygun to coat enemies in honey from afar, slowing them for 1 second on each hit.
Damage per shot at level 1: 96.
Fire Rate (in bullets per second): 3.5.
Magazine Size: 3.
Reload Speed: 0.4 seconds per bullet, or 1.2 seconds to reload a full clip. (To reload, she breaks the barrel and loads in each bullet one at a time.)

Talent: Using secondary attack aims down the long-range scope of the Intectus Honeygun. (Her zoom is 2.4x)

Skill 1: Up and Away. Cooldown: 16 seconds.
Activating Up and Away sends Sticky flying into the air for 3 seconds, while still allow her full use of all her skills and abilities. (Think of Aerial Assault, except first-person and with no attacks attached to it.)

Skill 2: Poison Darts. Cooldown: 24 seconds.
Loads a full clip of Poison Darts into Sticky’s Intectus Honeygun, each of which silence enemies for 2 seconds and do 86 damage over 2 seconds. You still do your regular attack damage in addition to these effects. (the speed at which the Poison Darts are loaded is equal to half your Reload Speed: e.g. 0.2 seconds per bullet.)

Ultimate: Tranquilizer Dart. Cooldown: 72 seconds.
Sticky’s triple barrels on her Intectus Honeygun combine together to let her load a massive tranquilizer dart which stuns an enemy for 3 seconds on a hit. It also deals (magazine size X attack damage, which is then converted to skill damage) on a hit.

Left Helix Tree: Float Like a Butterfly
Right Helix Tree: Sting Like a Bee

Level 1

Left: Defensive Maneuvers
While Up and Away is active, you gain +30% damage reduction.

Middle: 1000 Times Stronger
Increases the knockback on your quick melee.

Right: Curare Darts
Increases Poison Darts’ damage over time by 20%.

Level 2

Left: Wind in Your Carapace
While Up and Away is active, you gain +35 Health Regeneration per second.

Right: Final Flights of Fantasy
While Up and Away is active, you deal +20% attack damage.

Level 3

Left: Buzzing About
Increases Movement Speed by +15%.

Middle: Noxious Pheromones
Nearby enemies have reduced resistance to CC effects. +20% CC effect duration.

Right: Hornet’s Nest
Increases your magazine size by 3.

Level 4

Left: Leech-Life
Grants 100% Lifesteal from Poison Dart’s damage over time.

Right: Fast Hands
Instantly loads all Poison Darts into your Intectus Honeygun.

Level 5

Left: Ekkuni Ironclad Beetle
Hardened Carapace grants +15% damage reduction while active.

Middle: Fight or Flight
When Hardened Carapace is first disabled after a full heal, Up and Away is instantly available for use.

Hardened Carapace grants +20% cooldown reduction while active.

Level 6

Left: Annoying Pest
Up and Away knocks-up nearby enemies on activation.

Right: Fast-Acting Toxins
Reduces Poison Darts’ cooldown by 20%.

Level 7

Left: Food for the Bugs
Killing a minor enemy heals you for 103 over 5 second. Killing a major enemy heals you for 236 over 5 seconds.

Middle: Honeypot
Critical hits also slow enemies in an AoE, in addition to your initial target.

Right: Bugger Bullets
Increases attack damage by 18%, but increases reload speed by 20%.

Level 8

Left: Against All Laws of Aviation
Increases Up and Away’s duration by +2 seconds.

Right: Away We Go
Decreases Up and Away’s cooldown by 20%.

Level 9

Left: Flutter-By
Each enemy hit by a Poison Dart decreases Up and Away’s cooldown by 1 second.

Right: Deadly Neurotoxins
Increases the duration of Poison Dart’s effects by +1 second.

Level 10

Left: Softening Dart
The Tranquilizer Dart is converted to a Softening Dart. Enemies affected by it take +16% damage and are heavily slowed for 3 seconds.

Middle: Triple Dart
Loads three small tranquilizer darts into your Intectus Honeygun. They each stun for 1 second, and do not receive the damage multiplier from magazine size. (Hornet’s Nest does not increase number of tranquilizer darts loaded)

Right: Noxious Fumes
Tranquilizer Dart also slows enemies in an AoE for 3 seconds.

What do you guys think? I know she’s a little loaded, but tbh it makes it a lot more fun to design her.


I have no proof but I think the insect lady was a very early version of thorn.

Cool looking design, I like the kit.


I couldn’t think of anything better…

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Personally I’d say she’s pretty tame IMO… with the exception of her ability to silence someone for 9 seconds, even if it would require considerable skill. The only change I’d make to have her more balanced/make people happy is to have her Poison Darts’ silence have a “diminishing returns” if used on the same target. And then buff the base silence to 3 seconds or reduce the cooldown to compensate.

She seems to heavily emphasis survivability and utility over damage/DPS. I’d be interested in what calling cards you’d assign to her. I’d guess one would be skirmisher maybe?

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Probably versatile skirmisher or versatile controller… or sniper controller, or sniper skirmisher. She’s either advanced or easy.

She has lots of potential for lots of things. Mostly controlling enemies and setting up kills for her allies from a reasonablly safe distance, and she can be built for decent DPS. She is also extremely hard to kill.

Trying to push her back from her sniper perch is pretty hard. It’s hard to do any good damage to her (or even hit her half the time) since she can’t take critical damage until she’s low on health, and once she’s low she can just fly or sprint away at lightning speed.

Btw taking Hornet’s Nest means Poison Darts does over 1,000 damage (500 points of which are returned with lifesteal for Leech-Life) when landing all hits on one enemy, and they are silenced for 12 seconds and slowed for 6 seconds. Not too shabby.

…also bug girls are pretty and her gun is cool.

Oh I missed that in my first look through. But wouldn’t ‘Deadly Neurotoxins’ give her an 18 second silence? I’m all for powerful, but that seems like a bit too much. Plus I don’t consider her darts to really do all that much damage in the same way Attikus’ Hedronic Arc doesn’t do all that much damage. I can tack it onto his Ult and say it does a bunch, but really that’s just his Ult.

With just her level 1 damage, all 6 darts without her primary can deal ~930 damage to a single target if the helix choices interact the way I’d expect. But Attikus with level one damage can deal 440 damage to a single target, 660 to shields. But he can also deal that to the +10 enemies around his target when it’s boosted by his passive. But this also takes place over 10 seconds and you need to reapply it. The same is true for your darts where you need to pick the right helix choices, take the time to fire them all, and not miss.

I take it back, she has a good chunk of damage too. It’s on a long cooldown and takes skill, so it should be fine damage wise. But an 18 second silence is unhealthy IMO. There are better ways to make her powerful than to blow her numbers through the roof.

Just to put it into perspective Thorn’s Blight with level 1 damage could deal 1740 damage without her passive or gear… but the enemy needed to stand still for 12 seconds.

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True, I was too lazy to factor in Deadly Neurotoxins.

Keep in mind that she uses a sniper rifle that fires darts, which have a relatively slow travel time compared to bullets. She’s going to be at long range and needs to lead quite a bit, not to mention dodging, missing, blocking, and lag. An 18 second silence is pretty unlikely, although theoretically possible.

A wound seems more fair and less broken, but tbh wound is very situational and might as well not exist 9 times out of ten. If she had a wound instead of a silence, Poison Darts’ DoT would need to be increased a bit.

Similar to Kelvin, she contributes by being difficult to kill and prevents the enemy from acting. I mostly just want to see a long range silence character who can save allies from dangerous enemy skills.

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