Bye bye freddy farm

Been farming Freddy all morning and he’s dropping 2-3 legendaries at the most. I think drop rate has been lowered for sure QQ

I can confirm. I noticed not only a huge drop in that but also the rare enemy spawn at the beginning.

…that’s not a rare spawn? That’s a guaranteed spawn…unless you’re not talking about the Mayor Challenge Enemy

After you kill him from the main story line he respawn there. He was spawning in alot recently and dropped tons of mods. Now he doesn’t. Lol

They’re there every time I go in, and they respawn on a counter when you do the Freddie Farm. Lol.

Loco Chantelle used to drop a lot of stuff but now does not as for Freddy he seems still about the same to me

Freddy dropped a ton of stuff for me last night. I ended up with a stackbot that had bonuses to snipers, Jakob’s crit, and Crit dmg.

Thinking about doing a Headsplosion/Maggie type build on it. We’ll see.

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That’s just how it goes. I can go long runs where Chantelle drops literally no legendaries then suddenly dropping 6 several kills in a row. It’s been like this since the start.

Factually, there hasn’t been a hotfix committed in the last 10 days. If you’d like the proof of this part you can DM me it’s against the rules to post the link.


Yea on that g****b place.

RNG will be RNG. I’ve similarly had streaks of M4 runs on gigamind, traunt, and GW with nothing but blues and greens. It happens.

I don’t think anything changed drop rate related. You get bad runs sometimes, and 2-3 legendaries per run ain’t bad at all. Sometimes I only get a Autoaimé per run. Just did a couple of runs a while ago, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary imo. Chantelle still dropping mods left and right for me (m4), and still getting a good amount of legendaries from Freddie.

Also, think about it… Do you really think they would launch a hotfix on a sunday, in a holiday period of all times? Ain’t gonna happen. Earliest we are getting a hotfix would be tuesday, when they launch the scaled Maliwan Raid.

Tomorrow, when they scale the raid. There’s an article about the hotfix going live Monday :slight_smile:

Haha you could be right though, but I doubt it. As I said earlier, nothing seems out of the ordinary atm. I farm that place on a daily base, Chantell, Freddy and then Jackpot and I really have not noticed a difference.

…welp. Here’s the problem

Monday is not the 31st.

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Oh lol, yeah they might have their dates wrong or something. We might get the event a day earlier when i read this.

Killed Chantelle this morning while running through story on M4, got 2 COMs from it. It’s only 1 data point, but my wife ran through the second half of THJ yesterday with Amara and got more Golden Rules than she knows what to do with.