C-C-Combo, worth it?

Is getting c-c-combo worth to get? I am running Zane as my main, Redistributer as my main weapon. I’ve read that it does not stack and it is just a 2% increase, but these where from September - October of 2019, is this true? I’m almost to 50 points and I don’t want to waste them if its a crap perk.

You’re going to get all of the perks relatively quickly, so it’s really up to your taste. Easily had all of the perks by the time I got level 50, if I remember correctly.

Question but I’m seeing that Combo word thrown around. What is that? I don’t see it’s anything on Zane skills or augments

Guardian Rank, 50 points into Enforcer.

Yes C-C-Combo is worth it. On a Redistributor it’ll add about 20% to your total damage. Due to it being by itself in the damage formula the bonus is bigger than you might at first think.

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