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Hi everyone I’m new … and I would like to start the real hunter vault mod: but am I also losing the progress of the DLC? ( I do not think so)
Thanks so much

Without know which Borderlands game you’re referring to, I can’t move your post to the correct section.

However, all the games work the same way: quest progress is saved for each mode (normal/true/ultimate) independently. So if you start the main game in true vault hunter mode, you can save/quit and then reload the same character in normal mode and start the DLC. If you then switch back to TVHM you’ll see the DLC untouched in that mode, but your progress in NVHM will be preserved. You’ll get to keep whatever gear, cosmetics, and ranks (BAR or GR) your character has regardless of mode, and you’ll keep levelling up to the maximum cap (although at different rates)

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