Calculation of drops ans drop rates

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I am a Mathematical Science student at university and the current system for drop rates is confusing and frustrating in my experience.

I have no idea how the probabilities are calculated but wouldn’t it be best to make use of matrix operations to calculate the probability of the pool of weapons and the drop rates ?

Seeing as there are a large number of weapons and even larger number of permutations of the weapons wouldn’t it be faster and more flexible and have a more modular design or am I mistaken because of my lack of understanding.

Further suggestions to reward grinding players farming bosses with the capabilities of ps5 in mind:
Use the fast travel/reset feature like that of Freddie.
Increment the probabilities of a dedicated drop with each kill of the Boss while simultaneously decreasing the probability of world drops.

Thanks for the time and effort or reading and interacting with the post.

Hi there! The system in BL3 is probably broadly similar to (if not the same as) that in BL2. The system was outlined to some extent in a couple of articles by the creator the of system. You can find those links in these articles, which are themselves a combination and port of information from the old Gearbox forums and new observations:

As far as calculations go, one thing to remember is that all the actual coding and execution takes place inside the Unreal Engine 4 (UE3 for the previous games), so the way the data is stored and calculations performed is largely dictated by the nature of that programming environment. I believe (hopefully someone who’s used UE3/UE4 themselves can comment) that this basically uses an object oriented programming model. There are various data tables etc within the game, which can be inherited, modified, and added to through the different types of loot source.

Anyway, the Inside the Box articles linked in the first post I gave you should give you the background, and there’s plenty of fleshed out examples based on observed drop rates for different enemies to chew on.

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