Calculation on drop rates


I just cant find any thread, a video or anything else that would explain drop rates in Borderlands 3.
There is a video from K6 which explaines the diffrence between the diffrent drop types. But I have questions on the drop rates.

  1. What does the +500% on mayhem means? 500% would be to crazy, or not? Because if 5he chance is already at 10% this would mean i would get 50% of the time a legendary, but this seems not be the case.

  2. Does more players only raise only chances of baddasses and with them the World drops from them? In borderlands 2 there was a hint on the loading screen which said “more players, more difficulty, more loot”. I farmed always in splitscreen and it felt like higher drop rates on bosses e.g.
    So would farming bosses in splitscreen give me more chances on dedicated drops?

  3. If I want to farm something on m4 and my enemy has one more dedicadet drop on m4, would this means my chances of getting the item i want will decrease? M4: More loot but 3 dedicadet drops. Or M3: Less loot but only 2 dedicadet drops.

  1. Mayhem boosts chances of getting a better quality of world drops, so higher Mayhem = better chance for a world drop legendary also better chance of getting anointed bonus.
  2. More players=more enemies=higher chance for BadAss=higher chance for better drop (world drop). Doesn’t matter wth bosses, but in cooperation mode you get seperate drops for every player.
  3. As posted in #1, Mayhem boosts only world drops and anointed chance. If you want just a dedicated drop, no mattter what Mayhem you are using, just lower Mayhem will give you less legendary items per drop.

Well fine, thanks a lot for the anwser.

So better farm General traunt on m3 for a higher Chance on the recursion but with less Chance of an annointed one?

On M3 you have still very high chance for anointed bonus. If you want just any Recursion you can use M1 or turn it off, your chances are the same.

No im looking for an annointed one. Ill farm today on m3. Thanks a lot