Cald grav burst

I’m having problems where it works normally if I use it as an escape or to get around quicker but if I’m trying to rush an enemy with it ill activate the skill and he just swings in place without thrusting forward. Anyone know if this is a known issue? Should I jump before activating? Am I getting stuck in the 1 inch lip of pavement on the ground? Lol

Yes, that is happening.
You figure out to always jump first after awhile.

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Man, I always forget to do this.

Doesn’t matter what your intent on using the skill is, an escape or an attack, you’ll still get stuck on stuff.

I’ve also noticed that instead of attacking enemies with it, Cald will just kind of… Push the enemies away? Doing no damage… It’s weird.

I’m still trying to figure out how to actually hit people with it.