Caldarious & Mellka pro Button Setup for Consoles

First to note : this post/guide is for Consoles only. So for any PC player out there its not that relevant for you.

So I play this game on a daily basis , and I found out a striking similarities with Caldarius and Mellka pro players.
Both use L1/LB to escape from danger and use R1/RB to CC enemy players (Mellka slows and Cal blinds)
Both have great mobility and have “bunny hopping” style that makes them harder to hit.
Both have a secondary melee attack (L2/LT) that deals big damage for anyone who comes close to them.

So giving the option to change the buttons manual, I made a great way to keep their great mobility and agility while maintaining a sharp aim at targets.
So , there’s no build guide in here with gear or anything , but a button setup that can give you , Console players, a big advantage in the battlefield.

JUMP = L2 / LT (that way you can keep your thumb on your right analog stick without switching the finger constantly with X button to jump)

CLAW LUNGE / GRAVITY BURST = X / A (its weird , but once you get it you will use it as you escape button from dangerous situation

SECONDARY MELEE ATTACK = L1 / LB ( this is the exchange for L2 / LT as you will want often to shoot while bunny hopping and straight up melee up close while keeping your thumb on the right analog stick)
NOTE :You should also know that Mellka’s Secondary attack doesn’t work while jumping , so this setup really fits her.

It will take sometime to get use to , but the results are significant !

This is a good thing to do. One note though: Mellka’s melee has less DPS than her gun, and that’s without the venom canisters, so it’s not really big damage

Mellka’s secondary does work while jumping. It’s an elbow jab. It actually does a fair bit of damage (and I think some knockback).

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Was just about to mention this. I KO’d a Deande mid-air with my flying elbow last night.

“Killing Deande is always the highlight of my day!” you said it Mell

I respect the idea behind this custom setup business. I’ve played around with changing buttons but always go back to default. Just feels right.

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Oh yeah, and another thing:

it’s not just X that Mellka has to press while leaping. A good Mell will also often fire canisters (square) or Air Stall (circle) while in the air. So I didn’t find that having jump on the trigger helped that much.

Just play bumper jumper?

I mean I’ve never had to use anything but the normal setup because I specifically practice the movement.

XD Bumper Jumper HAHAHAHAAAH !! it has a nice ring to it

The reason is for making you harder to get hit while dealing damage at the same time. works really well once you get use to it

I use her Claw lunge to escape by looking up and then pressing that ability. So you don’t need to hold the right analog stick for better aim and a location I want to get.

Besides, you won’t use it often as much as you jump, so leaving the right analog stick for a split second once in a while isn’t bad at all.

Yea this set up is called “Bumper Jumper” in most other games.

Well and its the only button setup that is universal across most games and remains exactly the same.

Except halo 5 where they mess up the fluidity to put sprint where it shouldn’t be.