Caldarius buff!

I read that Caldarius’ TMP got a 25% increase in damage and I went to go see if it improved him and I am glad to say that you CAN notice a difference. Before in the open beta I found it very hard to solo kill a enemy player, but after the buff you can take down an enemy if you play Caldarius right. You still need to keep moving a lot in order to be successful. I just went 14-2 with him in a match of Meltdown. I would also like to note that I was playing the objective and not going for a high KD. The only thing that he needs is a slight buff to his melee because it seems pretty weak and slow for a otherwise fast character. Maybe 20% in damage or speed. Write down if you think Caldarius is in a good place or does he need more work.

As a Cal player myself I think he’s in a pretty good spot. As you said you just need to play to his strengths, which is mobility. People especially right now have a hard time keeping a bead on him. The way I tend to approach most situations is to whittle their shield/health down to around half by just dashing around the field in between minions and back and forth around corners, Gravitron in (I always use the helix that refills his tmp after the dash), melee, and at that point if they aren’t dead I still have my full gun to finish it or of course an ultimate ability which is instant KO. The lifesteal helix works pretty well for him as well and helps with the get away when you get focused after the kill as well.


Good place. Me and ndub04 would prefer to not have every one in the match go for Cal lol

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It helps gwetting raths lore done so i dont have to beg friends to play him

Lol right. During the beta I’m not sure I had a single match with him on my team. Now after 1 day of playing im at 4/5.