Caldarius can't use abilities bug

Right before i spawn after dying as Caldarius, i spam his gravitic burst ability and after it uses it, all of my abilities are locked so it can’t use them. I also couldn’t run sometimes after either. It fixed itself after dying and sometimes after certain CC was used on me

i had the same problem with attikus on ps4 the other day, i figured out it was his leap that kept causing it but if i used his secondary charged punch or whatever the abilities would work again after. Ive also had abilities locked on shayne and aurox at one point but that was a couple of weeks ago.

Why do you spam any ability while waiting to respawn? (I’m tempted to repeat the old joke that starts, “Doctor, it hurts when I do this”, but I won’t even mention it :stuck_out_tongue: )

I don’t exactly spam it for like 3 seconds. Just right before it spawn

Welp, got bitten by this bug today myself, but I’m really not sure what caused it. Basically, I was unable to do ANYTHING that required a button press. Only the sticks and the LT/RT worked, and all skills were marked as unavailable: :no_entry_sign: Even committing suicide and respawning didn’t clear it.

It was the Saboteur mission. It happened just as the last enemies were cleared before triggering the final defense part of the mission, right about when the only remaining person in my PvE story game got discconnected (two disappeared right at voting, and the third got disconnected right at the start of the game.) I got through 1.75 waves defending at the end with just weapon and base melee.


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