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Caldarius is a jetpack equppied soldier of the jennerit empire. Equipped with an smg in one hand and a futuristic chainsaw sword in the other, he jets into battle going for quick kills before blasting off to find other prey before the cavalry arrives.

His known abilities are:

Jetpack dash - dashs forward into enemies damaging and slowing them

Blind grenade - a low damage explosive which disorients enemies caught in the blast

Rending wounds - a passive abilities which causes caldarius’s attacks to cause bleeding damage, hurting enemies over time

Jetpack - still a work in progress his ultimate ability is envisioned as a move where he jets into the air, then slams back into the ground, deal massive splash damage

WrathOfSithis was the OP of this but since they were not getting moved over and the panel is today I’m moving some of these over here


Oh I’d forgotten about this guy.

Dammit Gearbox show us jetpack gameplay already!


While on the subject, I see some sort of eagle-man thing that looks an awful lot like Caldarius in the Battleborn background. Is that some special enemy, some new battleborn, or a possible skin for Caldy?

The “Eagle-man” thing is another Battleborn. :slight_smile:

Movement is one of those things that makes each character unique. Caldarius has gotten even better with regards to this recently, as we’ve been playing with ways to double-jump him around (the second jump thrusts in the direction of his movement). Really emphasizes his jetpack play, and makes him super lethal at hit and run.

The “eagle guy” also has some limited flight abilities, but feels pretty different than Caldarius.

Sandman - gak. Can’t wait, can’t wait. But the powers that be say they’ll blow up more stars if I release information too early, and as you can imagine, we’ve so few to spare now…


Speaking of that I’ve heard little of the battleborn info that was shared at pax, can we you tell us about that stuff?

I believe there’s a chance the video of the panel will be released, but here’s the quick run down:

We started by recapping the highlights of the story and gameplay (last star in the universe, five factions struggling for survival - 5v5 multiplayer and cooperative campaign maps).

We then took some time with our art director (Scott Kester) and our lead character designer (Brian Thomas) and showed the entire arc of creating Marquis d’Caliber, including his earliest concept art. Also showed a bit more concept on Rath.

To close, we recapped the nine announced Battleborn, talked about their archetypes and playstyles, and then confirmed “yeah, we’re making more”.

Some great details in there for you guys. I hope we’ll release it.


I hope so too I was disappointed it wasn’t streamed, I’m very excited to see more of this game but until then patiently await I will.

Full Battleborn Panel – PAX South 2015


This guy has a different name than the popular Brithish YouTube guy. I’d been pronouncing both their names wrong this whole time.

Fun Fact: I called Mordecai “More-Dee-Chee-OH” for a whole year. And I called Crawmerax “Craw-mer-Trax”. 'Twas an embarrassing day when I was told the proper pronunciation.

Oh Caldarius…such a beast in the right person’s hands…I’m looking at you Kmess!

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Honestly cant wait for this guy! caught my eye straight away XD

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And now there’s a playthrough with Caldarius.


In the first few minutes caldarius seems very fragile. Later on when player pick up speed it goes better. lot of use of caldarius gun, not as much with the blade.

gun damage = +/- 27
blade damage = +/- 327

To be honest, it looks like the guy wasn’t really good with Caldarius to begin with. (He probably was more into Oscar Mike style than Caldarius style.)
He was too… cautious. Shooting more than slicing. He slowly went into it, but still.

Just watched the first few minutes here. Everyone is right. :smile:

Couple of reasons Caldarius looks squishy early on here:

  1. He is. Caldarius’ greatest strength is mobility. He is designed to be very effective at hit and run. He’s not a stand toe-to-toe and fight kind of character. At later levels, his mobility is increased (dash distance, better double-jump, his ULT which is a huge jetpack move).

  2. This guys wasn’t playing him as hit-and-run. One of the main things the player in this video didn’t do that I see all the great Caldarius players do is use the double-jump. Caldarius gets double-jump at first level. Actually, Double-jump is a bit of a misnomer. It’s a secondary thrust. You jump, and then can thrust (gundam-style) in any direction. Up, down, forward, back. left , right. It both improves your movements speed AND makes it nearly impossible for enemies to land hits on you.

IF you’re going to use Caldarius’ sword, it’s pretty essential that you remember hit and run… Dash in, sword swing at the end, then double jump away. Even that is fairly risky until you have some levels on you and can power up some of those key moves.

Let me assure you though. Caldarius is DEVASTATING in the right hands.


In those E3 videos he looked like a character zer0 players would love and the way you describe him just seems to back that up.

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yeah he did play more like an Oscar Mike, it’s the more traditional fps character. i wanted to checkout Caldarius when i got hands-on, but maybe i need get the basics down by playing as Oscar Mike.

Nice, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. He’s almost certainly going to be one of my mains, and definetly one of the first I play as.


Caldarius’ level 5 helix gravitic ascent, increases height of the thrust so does that increase the distance you thrust in any direction or just up? Since you can thrust in any direction.

Caldarius Level 5 Helix

Increase the height of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.


Increases the lateral thrust of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.

Seems like one is up and the other is to the sides (if i understand it correctly).
So will you go up to increase your distance from the ground having more time to dodge or do you like to dodge further/faster ?

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