Caldarius discussion

Nice, that’s exactly what I was hoping for. He’s almost certainly going to be one of my mains, and definetly one of the first I play as.


Caldarius’ level 5 helix gravitic ascent, increases height of the thrust so does that increase the distance you thrust in any direction or just up? Since you can thrust in any direction.

Caldarius Level 5 Helix

Increase the height of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.


Increases the lateral thrust of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.

Seems like one is up and the other is to the sides (if i understand it correctly).
So will you go up to increase your distance from the ground having more time to dodge or do you like to dodge further/faster ?

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The way i took it as was one increases distance the other increases speed

Height vs speed.

So, it’s like this:
From Level 1, Caldarius can double-tap X … jump, then jump.
If you jump, then press a direction with your left stick and jump again, you THRUST that direction. Forward, Back, side or side.

GRAVITIC ASCENT is used for if you want to get to a really high ledge, though you’ll need to be fairly close to it as you only have normal lateral movement control when you’re there.

IMPROVED THRUSTERS is used if you want to really frustrate anyone trying to hit you, because it increases the distance you’ll move forward-back-side-side, rocket-skate style.

Mostly, these are preferential, but we already have some maps which favor one choice over another.


Is a caldarius a robot? Because if he was the would be awesome!

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BIO: Caldarius won his name, fame, and eternal Sustainment in the Jennerit Fighting Pits. Armed in the jet-enhanced J-HTX Assault Frame armor of the Jennerit Shock troops, Caldarius is brutally efficient at hit and run close quarters fighting.

The fact he is wearing Armour to me suggests he isn’t? like just a guy in a suit ? (possibly like Rath)
but this is just a guess from me :stuck_out_tongue: wouldn’t surprise me if he was a robot tho :smiley:


He falls apart (in pieces) when killed, suggesting that he is a robot I believe.

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i was thinking he looked very gundam-y when i first saw him.
i just hope just hope he isn’t the only one with gundam-y characteristics.

Now all i need is a dual-weilding shooter, an iaido samurai, a space cowboy gunslinger and badass cyborg (with a nuke for a gun or something).

It’s true, nothing is more satisfying than a mini nuke.

And no mini nukes are as satisfying as the ones from Ratchet and Clank 2. That sound effect, the explosion animation and the damage it caused.

I moved a post to a new topic: Possible arm cannons?

Played as Caldarius at Gamescom.
I was sceptic after seeing the gameplay above, but Rath surprised me so i took my chances with Caldarius.
Caldarius true power lies in his melee attack, but you need to get in close to deal those blows. Your abilities help you with this. The Gravitic Burst to get in quick, as you slam your opponent you can knock them in the air, giving you time to deal those critical hits. Flashbangs blind your enemies and make them a sitting duck, giving you a brief moment to get in close en strike. Your helix adds to these abilities, making them more useful.

With the E3 demo you can take down the smaller enemies with 1 or 2 melee strikes. The bigger ones need some more work. So you could use 1 ability for the small enemies and both of the abilities for the big enemies in order to take them out. But pick your targets, know who to strike and when to strike. If you run into 2 big baddies i hope you got your ultimate ability ready :wink:


For you caldarius fans, another gameplay video


Thank you Mars!

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From the characters we’ve seen so far, I think I’ll be spending a lot of quality time with Caldarius.


That gameplay didn’t really show much of the “Hit-n-Run” aspect of Caldarius that he’s supposedly good at.

He does seem pretty fun though.

Yeah, I think the person playing Caldarius in that video probably would have been better off playing Oscar Mike, just based on their tactics (medium range rather than hit and run, flashbang as just an AoE rather than taking advantage of the blind effect, difficulty with the ultimate, etc). That said, obviously everyone is still new to the game so we can’t expect people to have mastered the characters yet. Besides, the person probably chose Caldarius because they thought he looked cool, not because of his abilities.

It will all work itself out once people can get their hands on characters for a more extended period of time I’m sure. I’m sure some of us will flail too when we finally get our first crack at the game/a specific character. When’s that technical test again? :laughing:

I have a question about skins. I’ve seen a skin of Marquis with a skin that gives him a cool mustache, can we expect the skins to slightly change characters like in Borderlands or can we expect big changes like Benedict getting Angel wings or Phoebe in a bikini ( bikini costumes plz )?

I thought it was a skin, too.
It was a taunt, apparently.

Let’s…leave that on DeviantArt where it belongs.

From a design standpoint, @Jythri had mentioned in another thread that even the idea of trading Phoebe’s dress for a pair of pants was unlikely because it would drastically change her silhouette, animations, and possibly hitbox. In an FPS, especially one with 25 characters, it is important that each character’s silhouette be easily identifiable and remain consistent.