Caldarius Exploit (?) - Twitch Sprinting & Jumping

Hi there!

Just finished a round against a very unusual Caldarius… I apologize for not recording it, but I’ll do my best to describe it.

The Caldarius was “twitching” all across the map with what seemed like a combination of sprinting and jumping in short bursts, randomly, in a way that made him move across the map very unnaturally. I don’t think he was hacking, as he was killable and not giving us too much trouble until the end… but even for the skirmishing Caldarius (which I know is hard to hit), it really seemed like an exploit of the character physics.

I am aware that I was Thorn, so hitting a Caldarius any match is already a chore w/o slowing him! But in general for any of my other teammates to even catch him with anything it seemed a little too “skippy”.

Sorry, I am not by any means singling out this player. Props to him for using Caldarius like a good skirmisher and hitting & running.

I’m just questioning this movement for the character; if it’s intentional and if anybody else has encountered this. I definitely saw a mix of jumping, sprinting, and way too quick movements in all directions for it be normal if you know what I mean! We only killed him when he came in for an attack, but even then his exit (if he didn’t do the dash) was incredibly hard to telegraph with the bouncing around.


Side note: after a lot of hours playing Battleborn and facing against a lot of Caldarius players, I have never seen this.

If I had to reference how it looked, this would be it! haha!!!

(and yes, I know Caldarius perma-flies! haha)

Are you referring to his Gravitic Manipulators Passive “Caldarius can activate his thrusters to jump a second time mid-air, in any direction.”? Or was this something entirely different?

Oh no no, I definitely know about that! It’s just a twitchy movement… No kidding but it started to look like that gif I posted above.

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Fair enough! Short of lag making his character model seem to float around like that, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Hopefully someone else can be more helpful :acmaffirmative:

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Haha thanks amigo! Totally not an urgent thing but just something funky!