Caldarius Feels Broken

I feel like Caldarius is just a tiny bit OP. His combination of melee, shooting, armour and speed is insane. I think they need to limit his overall speed. I almost killed him 9+ times one game but he would just run away and recharge shields. He ended up like 10/1 before even buying items just because he can run away so fast, while also doing substancial damage.

Well his shields are weak and damage is not that great to be considered op. So if you stun caldarius down you can kill him easy. He is a hit run character he has to get in quick do some damage and get out when he is in danger. If he does not have his speed and mobility he will just be a easy target.

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Saying a character is broken is quite a strong phrase. Something you’d refer to for the likes of Salvador!

Like Dragonflare said, his damage output is not high, and his melee is just about ok (with no shield to protect). So he is just a support class like many others. I can survive better with other characters than him. How many times have you tried to kill Montana and failed? If Mico supports Montana it takes the entire team to kill him!

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Agree his survivability is his mobility. Caldarius is a good harasser. I find when you give him gear that focus on critcal hits that he can put out good dps. I have killed plenty of Montana that stray to close and never notice me aiming at their head and watch their health melt but if you move it is difficult for me to get critical hits. So it find it balance since both him and Whiskey Foxtrot rely on precision when you play them.

This is what i’m starting to find really cool about the game (Incursion) is the tactics side.

I mainly play Thorn and Oscar Mike. I play very tactical, trying to get around the sides and back to catch players out. With both of these players I can hit and run very quick, and control minions - and like he said about Caldarius, very hard to kill when running away. Thorn is the best to slow them down and hit hard, but Oscar has that quick stealth and napalm grenade. Even if I don’t get the kill, I can scatter a team in seconds. So like Caldarius, hit and run or pick out situations where you can utilise your full power to devastate enemy. Caldarius would be great for 1v1 due to the combo of melee and gun, but I’ve yet to play PvP with him, just learning his traits.

ahaahhaahhaahahah he so so he an be strong at times but only at times take some skill to be good with many drop him because to hard. i am lv 78 so I can play her far from op he just safe. now ambra op in contrast.

I used broken in the title to mostly draw attention. Like I said I dont think he is TOO OP, but I do feel he needs just a tiny bit of tweaking.

well true I feel he need a buff becuse in contrast to others he he is so so. I play everyone for most part he not on my list of powerful heroes yet. he can be powerful at times but only at times.

he would be broken if had a stun but he don’t.