Caldarius glitch

Anybody having issues with Calderius stats not registering? I just played Calderius for the first time 5 matches in a row. With 4 of them wins. Yet my stats show only :02seconds played, and zeros for everything. I’m trying to unlock Ambra and none of my Calderius wins are counting toward the 5 Jennerit wins.

Can’t say anything about Caldarius, as I have only played him in the CTT. I don’t think this necessarily has to be a character-specific problem.

@Ganjamira 's Orendi stats (Xbox) seem to be bugged in a different way. Mission rankings, total games played etc. register just fine, but the ‘Best’ Stats stay zero on every count.

Nothing like this happened to me on any char I played so far. So I come to the conclusion, it might be more of an Account-related problem.

As for character unlock conditions, many people are reporting similar problems (e.g. Galilea unlock via Minion Kills not registering), so it might be useful to include some more details for the devs, such as what platform you’re playing on.

I hereby vote to turn this into a collection Thread of similar Problems. Gathering precise information about what doesn’t register properly is the best thing we as players can do to speed up the process of fixing this.

So, to everyone suffering from similar problems, please post in here, include what should have registered in the stats, what actually works and what does not, as well as your platform.

I agree to make this a specific Bug/problem related thread, (though I don’t know how to exactly do it…)
In any case, my platform is Xbox One.
So basically according to stats, it shows as though my Calderius has only played for :02 seconds. Yet he shows as character rank 2. (Impossible to be character rank 2 after only 2 seconds of play!) Every other stat on the whole screen for Calderiud says Zero. Yet with other characters that I have played (Rath, Orendi, Oscar…) their stats are being properly registered.
So for my Character Unlocks, for example, I show 2/5 for Ambra with “wins using a Jennerit character” from the two wins I had playing as Rath, yet I have also won 4 matches while playing as Calderius which have not counted at all. This bug is very frustrating.