Caldarius got a buff, but I'm still waiting for him to make it to the show

Some of the “Advanced” characters I feel have simply just been short handed. Caldarius got his buff and is still just not a sufficient damage dealer. And before you go saying he’s not DPS, I know. The killer of the game usually isn’t DPS, it’s a stun, pull, etc. Caldarius encourages a quick rush-in but can’t dish out the melee damage to justify it, and no stun or pull to deter others. I can hit and run all day, but when you build a character to be a “hit and run”, you rarely can contribute to your team’s progress on your own in pvp.

Honestly it seems like you understand his role but it’s not clicking with how you want to play him. Hit and run doesn’t mean rush in , get the kill then rush out. That’s more the icing on the cake.

You are supposed to be offensive support where you just may get more assist than you do kills. Be a bug to enemies distracted with your other team mates, and get most of your kill’s from weakened enemies. A Caldarius player is much more helpful to the team this way than trying to be a damage dealer.


Im getting 15+ kills with him especially now I got his legendary gear, which is attack speed and skill dmg plus 50% ult dmg to health…maybe your gear doesnt support him, go attack, skill dmg and crit damage I find is amazing. I find hiss gun iss extremely good if u crit alot and grenades can do good dmg too, try not hit and run because he can win ive even faced off 2 players and I usually leave his dash skill to evade/escape

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I’m mediocre with Caldarius, but I can honestly say this guy needs a buff. I’ve never seen him top the boards but maybe a time or so. I wouldn’t mind seeing his ult or alt attack receive a buff.

I agree with the ult maybe get 100 more dmg but I usually use it on people trying to run away when they are about to die then use the dash to get back to the save zone. I mostly rely on the gun and the grenades to dmg enough and when they start escaping use the ult to finish them, leaving the dash to escape or evade, more useful in that sense.
As u can see he can pull his own…but theen again im pretty damn good haha

The more I play battleborn the more I come to dislike the idea of an “exclusively support character”. Even Miko can hold his own despite his low damage output. Yet Miko can stay in the fray longer than many other characters. Orendi plays the same role as Caldarius but has a much higher damage output. I’ll put my bit in about a character and people just say “it’s an advanced character”. Just because a character is “advanced” or “complex” that’s no excuse to make them a

Imo, Caldarius is not supposed to be dealing damage on par with characters like rath or orendi. The big difference between him and those other characters is that he is very hard to land consistent hits on due to his mobility. If he could regularly win 1v1 melee battles against other melee characters, he would be OP. He is supposed to be offensive support imo but he is very capable of getting kills.

When he hits lv.4 his damage potential spikes. Flash barrage is a great finisher. I win most 1v1 battles after hitting lv.4 but it has more to do with his mobility. Being able to avoid enemy attacks while landing shots of your own is how he wins. Most enemy Caldarius players that I face are slugs compared to me. They only ever air dash when they are trying to escape but they should be constantly air dashing during fights too.

Hit and run can be very beneficial to the team. Weakened enemies are much easier prey for your team. You can also gear him to be a builder. He can get collect shards faster than most characters with his mobility. Maybe his ultimate could use a small damage buff but I think he is fine otherwise.


Nothing about his lore or otherwise suggests that he’s a “hit and run”. In fact you have his challenge for blade kills while teamed with wrath, and lore leading you to believe he’s a one man army (not that I need that much). I don’t think he was intended to be “hit and run”. I believe he simply ended up that way because that’s how you have to play him as is.

Orendi has an escape, Benedict has an escape, Deande has an escape, but Caldarius has an ATTACK that people use as an escape (and skillful to do so).

I don’t think his lore is what you should be looking at when trying to figure out how a character is supposed to be played. You should be looking at his toolset, abilites, helix choices, etc. When I look at all of those things together I am led to believe he is a hit and run character. I’m not saying that it is the only way to play him but its the style that I have had the most success with. I top the list most of the time and rarely have more than 2 deaths. If the developers decide that he currently does not fit the role that was intended then they will do something about it.

Out of 74 matches I’ve died 88 times with Caldarius. That averages out to barely more than one death per match (I have 528 kills with Cald as well). If they buff him again I’ll laugh my way through every match getting pentastrikes.

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Agreed… He does not need a buff… People just need to learn how to play him correctly.

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Anyone can have low deaths hiding behind bigger characters. Heck I could do the same with any other character. I hit tops in matches too. If you figure out how to best use a character, anyone can be good with anybody. Heck, I regularly outplayed BETA galilea with Toby, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a fix.

You’re right, though. If GBX feels he doesn’t fit the role, they’ll fix him. My only point to post was to have this stuff out there for their viewing.

I like everything about the character EXCEPT his ultimate. It sucks…

You can’t even use it indoors and if your angle isn’t perfect and you clip a wall, fail.

What I would like to see is some kind of dot at site of impact NOT prior to. Something similar to Oscar Mike’s Fragcendiary Grenade helix (which does 720 damage over 6 seconds.

So yea, so dot at site of impact and being able to use it indoors and we are golden.

Yea that is kinda funny. I tried to spec him for melee to see how it would go…yea, that didn’t go so well.

While looking at the other characters, mellka specifically it occurred to me.

Why is caldarius’ cooldown on abilities soooo frigin long?

-Gravitic burst 18 seconds

-Flashbang 24 seconds


-Claw lunge 15 seconds

-Spike 14 seconds

Venom canister has a 8 second dot and is only limited by reload speed. Yea, not technically an ability but it might as well be.

That is without delving into the helix options.

Now, I’m not arguing for a mellka nerf but why are they so hard on Calderius? I don’t find flash bang to so powerful that it requires close to a 30 second cool down.

Calderius should have cool downs at least equal to but probably shorter than Mellka. Especially considering mellka basically has a third ability that doesn’t require a cooldown.

Just my thoughts, feel free to offer yours


Eh, personally I think flashbang is what makes Caldarius even more than his mobility. It’s the perfect skill of offense and defense, despite the initial low damage after helix upgrades it’s surprisingly destructive, has a massive AOE and when used properly will secure kills and turn teamfights around, could be used as an escape but that’s a big waste. I do think the cooldown is awfully long, but I don’t entirely agree that it should be shorter. Taking it down a few seconds would probably be OK but I would say it needs to stay above 20 seconds.

I guess I look at it compared to a similar character, Milka and her poison canister has a large aoe, very little cool down and is quite powerful later in the game.

That flashbang has no where near that dot but has is only one of two abilities. The cool down is a bit ridiculous

Need I also point out his TMP damage is cut by 50% at a ridiculously short range. He can also be out DPS’d by every “healer” type character. Every melee character can catch up to him while attacking. The more I seem to play the more unpolished he seems.

If you are on PC (Or have a Scuff controller for console) then there is never a reason why any melee should keep up with Caldarius while attacking. His dash is way too good for that and is usable at any moment in time, shooting or not. However, as vaguely implied at first, if youre on console and dont have a controller with extra buttons that you can remap, then it certainly can be true thats his movement speed (Not sprint) is no better than melee movement speed

Edit: My reasoning for this is that you cant aim well and still be dashing around without a Scuff style controller, your thumb comes off the aim stick. PC players dont have this problem and have no excuse lol

Let me also correct myself. Caldarius can escape SOME bouts if he chooses to not attack (TMP) while being pursued. His attacking slows his movement and you cannot escape by boost with hindered movement.

The thing that’s driving me crazy at this point is the short TMP effective range. Oh the number of kills I’ve lost because someone gets barely out of range and it’s like I’m attack them with a squirt gun.

I play with 9 different characters and out of all of them Caldarius and Toby are the only ones that just seem to miss their mark. Admittedly I thought Benedict was one as well, but then I got a gear set that made him a flying tank. However I still feel Benedict is most vulnerable during his glide.

PC players do have many advantages to console controls. In fact, Benedict is also MUCH more potent on PC.