Caldarius Guide and PvP Build

Hi all Havic here again with Caldarious guide here i am just gonna give you a quick run down of the character and explain a few of his traits and skills.

Gear: For Caldarius its easy for you to just build him for speed above all else But i chose a atk spd skill dmg above all else he is fast as hell as is and has 2 skills designed to be able to get in and out of the thick of it with ease. Skill dmg will boost his Ability DMG while attack speed will work wonders for his weapons.

Incoming Rant: There some people going out of there way to say Caldarius is trash tier and that he needs a buff to dmg Quite frankly he is fine as already is he has over the top speed and very High dmg. what you need to know is how to do dmg with him and when to do dmg were his dmg is poor and how the environment and were you engage can make or break you.

Playstyle. Now caldarius has a hit and run playstyle just like he is advertised he also has a great amount of variety in how he can go about attacking a target. Now Caldarius in a team setting is a disrupter using his flash grenades to both blind and eat away at a targets health this adds alot of pressure to multiple targets during team fights especially enemy healers like Ambra miko and reyna who have to focus/channle there ability’s on a priority target.

TMP Gun and Energy Blade: Cal’s main weapons His TMP Gun has a very fast fire rate and reload speed and his energy blade can hit twice with every swing. Adding attack speed will greatly increase the dmg there two weapons deal.

Arial Assualt: Cal’s Ultimate skill it has a wide variety of uses can can be used in the bursting of a target to travel or to escape melee attackers. This skill becomes a substantial heal if you have caldarius’s legendary gear that heals him for 50% of the dmg this skill dose.

Gravitic Burst: Cal’s main get away skill and or opening with skill dmg this can be used to drop a targets shield while you proceed to burst them down or be used mid burst for a nice bounce upward or a knock back so you can re position for a Arial assault burst. How you augment this skill is key to how you burst a target down because some times you dont want a knock back during burst and a low sealing will ■■■■ up the upward retreat. So mod carefully depending on the map and were you want to engage.

Bursting Down targets:

Bursting With cal will be determined by your augment path certain augments will change the way you start a burst and finish a burst or how you chose to escape by the end of a burst. Now The energy Blade and TMP are very important when engaging in a burst they are cal’s bread and butter weapons when bursting a disoriented target as he can use both very effectively while moving. Flashbang this is Perhaps cal’s Strongest Burst skill its dps and how you use it mid burst will make or break a burst.

Helix Tree


Energy Cascade: Activating Gravitic Burst instantly reloads Caldarius’ TMP.

Most people tend to ignore how useful this is or just don’t understand it EC will refill the bullets in your TMP instantly when activating Gravitic Burst. Lets say your preparing to burst you use your TMP blow out target shield’s you can now A manually reload it so that you can empty a full clip during burst this will give your target time to react and prepare for you or prevent a accidental reload during burst wasting more time. Or B just go into a Burst and have full TMP ready to go this way target has little time to react allowing you to nearly empty clip and follow up with a flash bomb or AA.

Blind and Bloodied: Enemies affected by Flashbang suffer bleed damage. +60 Damage over 2 seconds

This gives flashbang even more stomping power in the form of Damage Over Time greatly increasing its Burst potential. Although it looks like a obvious you dont need this to efficiently kill with caldarius but it dose give you added utility in the form of heavy DoT pressure when combined with Flash barrage.

LvL 2

Exit Strategy: Caldarius launches into the air after striking an enemy with Gravitic Burst.

This turns Gravitic Burst into a mid burst finisher launching you into the air after colliding with a target or your allies any way you can launch up with this and fire off a flashbang on to your target giving you ample time to escape and go in for a second burst or just escape if you get out numbered.

Zealous Frenzy: Activating Gravitic Burst increases energy blade attack speed for a short time. +20% Attack Speed for 5 seconds

This turns gravitic burst into a buffer for your energy blade it also stack with all ak spd gear giving you ludicrous dmg potential with Cal after a charge giving him heightened dmg potential in early lvls and great sustain when combined with his life steal mutation.

LvL 3

Afterburner: Increases maximum sprint speed. +9% Sprint Speed

this is ok and stacks with other sprint speed gear but nothing compared with overdrive

Overdrive:Activating any skill increases movement speed for a short time. +30% Movement Speed over 2 seconds

when ever you use a skill you get bonus movement speed of 30% that’s huge when chasing running targets and sense movement speed has an effect on sprint speed as well its even more of a wonderful utility augment and can be used to kick rocks when trying to get the hell out of dodge or chasing would be runners who think they can out run Cal. This makes Gravitic burst even more of a light speed get away. with this there no real reason to increase Burst dash distance.

LvL 4

Flash Barrage: Flashbang now fires three grenades that each deal 53 damage in rapid succession.

This is arguably the best augment in this trio of flashbang upgrades it out dmges cluster burst and will unsure you stack a 3 second blind instead of a 1 second blind and a 6 second DoT if you took blind and bloodied.

Flashmirv: Flashbang spawns 3 child grenades on impact.

Its not as good as Flash barrage tbh

Cluster Burst: Flashbang fires three grenades simultaneously in a tight spiral pattern. +75% Damage, -66% Area of Effect Radius

Not only will this hurt his flash barrage but it guarantees you have to take the augment to cut the radius penalty in half wasting a augment in the process.

LvL 5

Gravitic Ascent:Increase the height of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.

IMHO this is not all that great as improved thusters

Improved Thrusts:Increases the lateral thrust of Gravitic Manipulators’ second jump.

This is better then Gravitic Ascent But if you have taken Exit Strategy Over Zealous frenzy Take this over energy transfusion

Energy Transfusion:A portion of damage dealt by Caldarius’ Energy Blade is returned as health. +15% Life Steal

This is the best of the three lvl 5 augments imho its a mutation but gives Cal much needed self sustain from melee attacks but if you took exit strategy over Zealous this becomes slightly less effective. alot of people simply refuse to take this for some reason and still end up getting wrecked as they think a better lateral thrust will save them from every bady on the map

LvL 6

Kinetic Burst:Increases Gravitic Burst’s push back effect.

Its a good trait that allows you to knock back a target with gravitic burst this can be good for both bursting down a target and escaping.

Rapid Dominance: Reduces Flashbang’s cooldown. -20% Cooldown Reduction

If you regularly use flashbang as a mid burst skill get this it will have you up and running faster

Gravitic Anomaly: Gravitic Burst slows enemies on impact. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

This is kinda useless you dont need the slow when you can be on a targets ass like glue from his movement speed buff alone.

LvL 7

Adaptive Harmonics: Increases Caldarius’ Energy Blade attacks. +18% Damage

Simple if you have taken zealous frenzy and energy transfusion take this more blade dmg means better sustain and better energy blade based burst.

Microfusion Cell: Increases TMP’s magazine size. +8 Clip Size

Gives your TMP more burst potential if you are focused around bursting with your TMP more then your melee weapon.

LvL 8

Gravitic Amplifiers Increases Gravitic Burst damage. +15% Damage

You should always take this IMHO more dmg on Burst is a good thing stacks well with skill dmg from gear for a harder hitting Burst.

Gravitic Stabilizers: Increases Gravitic Burst dash distance.

This simply boost the ranged traveled by gravitic burst i personally am fine with my movement speed on skill activation to get a greater distance.

LvL 9

Phasebang: Flashbang grenades no longer collide with allies

If you get annoyed with your shots getting detonated early due to ally collision get this

Blightblaster: Increases the radius of Flashbang‘s area of effect. +33% Area of Effect Radius

You should only get this if you get cluster burst to have a bigger area of a effect other wise the radius is already Big enough.

Rangfinder: Increases Flashbang’s maximum range. +60% Range

if you want to though down some long range flashbang wreckage/support this is the way to go or to catch a pesky runner who mite think there getting away only to be hit by a triple flashbang ownage placed just a few steps ahead.

LvL 10

Tuned Actuation: Aerial Assault now launches instantly. Reduces Aerial Assault cooldown. -20% Cooldown Reduction

Not Only will this let you burst more but it will instantly sling you into the sky with out that annoying take off time ready to come crashing down on some unsuspecting fool. And it cuts your Cooldown cost by 20% allowing you to burst more frequently with AA.

Aerial Barrage : Caldarius drops a fragmentation grenade that deals damage over time on Aerial Assault’s takeoff. +80 Damage over 2 seconds

Drops one crappy grenade during take off that dose minor DoT Not worth it over AT

Ground Zeroed: When Caldarius strikes the ground with Aerial Assault, nearby enemies are pushed back.

If this were a stun it would say it mite be worth it but a simple push back will not be enough to justify AA take off time.,1,1,-1,0,1,-1,-1,0,-1,

That’s A quick run down of his helix tree with my personal opinions about each augment. Now for my build i run the Augments Listed below.

LvL 1 Blind and Bloodied
LvL 2 Zealous Frenzy
LvL 3 Overdrive
LvL 4 Flash Barrage
LvL 5 Energy Transfusion
LvL 6 Rapid Dominance
LvL 7 Adaptive Harmonics
LvL 8 Gravitic Amplifiers
LvL 9 Rangefinder
LvL 10 Tuned Actuation

I prefer to charge in and Open with flashbang and my energy blade for a combination of bleeding Blind and extremely fast melee Strikes and will AA to escape of finish off if need be. Hope you guys find this info helpful and see you in BB on may 3rd


Agree. I have played with Caldaruis and tmp does wonders when you hit enemies critical spots. I have killed plenty of Monatana players by aiming just at head and watch the health melt. Finally nice to see somebody that understands how to play Caldaruis.

Yes i hook up my key board and mouse to play Caldarius on ps4 and my god the the head shots you can get on big characters like Montana at point blank range. Not to mention the the aim assist with controllers already let you get hit the spots easily

aim assist on consoles ? consoles … nothing more to say

Thanks, but what about gear?

Things not mentioned: Constantly spamming double jump after getting Improved Thrusts will let you move around the map faster than any other character…

Seriously, it’s amazing.

yeah is great for poking the enemy. I use gear that increases attack speed after melee. I feel like most people don’t use the flash bang as much as they can. I basically use it the second that the cool down ends. blind and bloodied + flash barrage can also basically take out a whole wave of minions.

Yeah I have used this guide to help and it definitely helped me get better against the enemies in Story Mode as Caldarius.

Ikr this works wonders in capture