Caldarius has 39 rounds Bug

I just played a round with Caldarius and I somewhen noticed that I had 39 rounds Clip size.
I know how to reproduce the issue. But I won’t tell here, unless an admin answers, but I’d rather say it via PN.
Or maybe this isn’t a bug, but there’s no sign that this behaviour is wanted

Caldarius isn’t OP. Share it please so everyone would know and everyone would have equal opportunity.

Caldarius should have a ‘40 clip’ if you take Energy Cascade at level 1 and use Gravitic Burst after the first 20 rounds…
That goes up to 56 if you take Microfusion Cell at 7.

Okay, i’ve not tested it with Variations in Skills and Gear (would take too much time), but the key is to Skill the Mutation at level 9. That is the only Problem, you have to reach Level 9.
The Mutation says it increases the flashbang Range what is a less useful Skill, but it also increases the Clip size without telling you. Plus the 8 rounds from that other Skill it’s 39 rounds

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That’s not the case. With the lvl 1 Skill you don’t actually double the Clip size. Also, by calculating this way he’d have a 39x2 = 78 Clip size