Caldarius In a Nutshell: Knowing How to Hit em and Run

Hi all Havic here with an extension on my caldarius guide because the more i see people saying Caldarius is bad the more compelled i am to give people a rundown on how he should be used. So i am going to give you a more in depth rundown of how i think you should use and build caldarius based on my playing him extensively for the last 5 days in the beta and now on EA for PC. I am not going to go over skills or helix for that you can check out my previous guide on him HERE now lets get this Discussion started i am posting this here in the Multiplayer section because a lot of people dont seem to hit up the faction threads any way lets roll. OH BTW there mite be grammar errors just letting you know in advanced

How come Caldarius has such bad dmg? also why is he labled as an advanced charcter.: Now Caldarius By design is a hit and run character meant to get in go ham on a targets weak spot while disorienting them and get out and repeat. While re going over his kit a second time on the early access for PC i find that its all about laying low and finding a weakspot and striking it down. Now Lets be frank not every weakpoint is located in a target’s head you can find them located at the back to the side and on the arms of a few characters and he can hit every one of them.That’s because Caldarius has two weapons that are extremely good at mobile flanking and before you engage in any fight you will need to understand were you can hit a target at to maximize your dmg with Caldarius.

Caldarius Short Summary: It is this very complex design that makes Caldarius an advanced lvl character he is easily a wreck face character in the hand of a skilled and just as easily turned into fodder in the hand of a poorly skilled player. Not only do you have to know how to use this character skill wise and what you want to stack stats wise but you also have to know how to hit the weak areas or a target all while having good positioning and awareness of the battlefield.

Stats: For Caldarius i will list stats you want to keep and ones you want to avoid.

Recommended Stats: For cal you want to go full offence nothing will save your ass once you get cuaght with your pants down so its best to get in deal dmg blind and get the hell out of dodge. And with that said here are my recommended stats to stack with Caldy.

Attk Spd: If your running a more melee focused caldarius using energy blade you will want to stack this to speed up his slow energy blade swing and you can stack it up to 40% + with Zealous frenzy it lets you unload alot of dps with the energy blade combine it with energy transfusion and you get greater returns in health i believe it also speed’s up animation time.

Skill DMG: This is the main stat imho you should stack with him it makes the flashbang His Ultimate and GB hit harder its a prety straight forward stat.

Crit dmg: If your running a Flanking based Build stack this and use this to boost the dmg of your crits with the Energy blade and TMP.

Attack DMG: Its good overall stats for both the TMP and the Energy blade.

CD Reduction: This makes skill bursting more frequent its not a bad thing stacking this it just means more AA’s FLASHBANG’s and GB’s

None Recommended stats: The stats the do not help cal he is fragile as glass and none of the listed stats will help you delay the inevitable.

Shield Strength/Recharge/Delay/Health Regen: None of this will save caldy from going splat they will just delay whats already going to be assured if you â– â– â– â–  up a Burst Combo or make a critical mistake like over extending.

Shield Pen: Caldys base dmg with out crits is pathetic having a small percentage of your already laughable base dmg go though shields not to mention you already want there shields gone when you begin bursting with skills or doing in for weak spots. IMHO dont get it its a dmg gimp for Caldarious.

Reload/Recoil: Caldys TMP already has a fast reload speed and basically no recoil what so ever so there is no need for both them.

Sprint/Movment: Caldy has augments dedicated to boosting his already impressive mobilitys putting it on gear is redundant and will only gimp his dmg.

So i think i got all the obvious stats out of the way if i missed any feel free to tell me Lets get On to the next portion of the guide.

Caldys Weapons of choice: Lets see what Caldarius has for weaponry at his command. And will list how i think you should build his weapons individually.

TMP: Caldy’s main Gun It has Unfortunately has low base dmg BUT has a fast reload basically No recoil and is insanely accurate at close to mid range. This weapon is perfect to build for crit dmg and with caldys impressive mobility’s you should be able to score head-shots on the move just make sure you have good field awareness. Because i notice most people who play him have crappy map and battlefield awareness and tend to get wrecked.

TMP Drawback’s: With all the good things about the TMP there are a few bad things to mention obviously like i sad before the base dmg and the fact that the guns spread also slightly increases at longer range meaning few bullets will not crit due to them not being on point. Caldys TMP also has dmg fall off at longer ranges but it can still be used to stop a targets shields from recharging.

TMP Pros: Fast Reload Little to no Recoil High Accuracy at mid to close range good for weakpoint and head shots can be upgraded to 28 shots in the clip.

TMP Cons: Low base dmg DMG fall off at Longer ranges Wider Spread at longer ranges kills a bit of the accuracy.

TMP Summary: If your mainly going to use the TMP your going to want gear with mix of Crit DMG and Atk Spd to up his fire rate and to make sure the mags empty as fast as possible for the next round of head shots: If you value haveing more burst from skills while weaving in TMP shots go for a mix of Skill DMG and Crit DMG that’s about all i have to say about his TMP.

Energy Blade: Ok so Caldy also has his melee weapon the energy blade it deals good dmg at close range hits twice each swing and critical hits with this weapon deal massive dmg if you know what weak spots to hit. On top of that it also has direct dmg upgrades in the forum of augments the only downside is that it has a short range and its default speed is slow but like i said it has augments to fix a few of the draw backs.

On that note It would also be wise for you to learn how to side swipe your target both staying out of enemy cross hairs while simultaneously hitting them Caldys high mobility allows you to do this with ease and the only thing you have to do is adjust to your targets movements accordingly while harassing and disorienting them.

P.S its a lot easier then you think trust me.:slight_smile:

Energy Blade Pros: Good Base dmg Hits twice Has two good augments allowing for self sustain and better dps with buffs can get over 40% attack speed.

Energy Blade Cons: Very Short Range and Base Swing speed is Slow

Energy Blade Summary: Now the energy Blade when built currently and used properly can push out amazing dmg But at the drawback of putting caldy is serious danger in prolonged fights. If your going for a more crit based build for flanking go Attk Spd and Crit dmg smashing a soft spot with the energy blade can deal serious dmg and weaving in flashbang and TMP head shots while doing so makes cal a very strong Hit and Run flanker.

Final Caldarius Summary: I personally dont think he needs a buff correctly not when we have not seen all the legendary gear and effects they mite add in the game. Yeah it mite be rough playing Caldarius but i hope this guide helped you take a better look at what you can do with him. Hope to See you on the battlefield May 3rd Guys have fun and plz continue the discussion down here. My OM Guide wil be going up soon so stay tuned.

More to come i will post a few updated builds in this guide

Caldarius VS THE WORLD

This Trick is tough but now that she ben nerfed she is a lot easier to deal with you should out ranged her and dont let her get to close to you she has better life steal and can heal withsunspots its best to just just out range her shes easy enough to get accurate head shots on. Just don’t let her get up close or she will lock on to you and go to town if she should lock on to you have have the tools necessary to escape. A simple flash barrage should give you time to move back and retaliate and launch a counter attack while simultaneously dealing dmg and destroying any sunspots she has next to her your TMP crit should get her down low and before her passive activates just AA her and that should do the trick.

Hes is big and very easy to kill early LvL dont make the mistake of letting him get in your face or he will lock you down and kill you. If he pounces your way You have a few second to get off a FB but its just faster to AA come back down and then FB him you then have ample time after to hit his weak spot it should be his head and back of his cyber arm just like any thrall from the mercenary camp.

Isic is a pain in the ass to deal with period there two ways you can go about handling isic he has can ether be anti melee or anti ranged if he anti ranged he will be using the reflective wards so TMP shots are a no no against him. If he is anti melee he will be using plasma wards so in this situation if hes using plasma wards just ranged him from the back so he cant block with aegis and if he is anti ranged melee him from the back isic is big enough to were you can sideswipe him to death with out even touching his aegis or getting hit and he is big and slow at early lvls as such this is a easy fight if you pay attention and be mindful of his plasma dash that can stun you.

Just stay clear of his axe toss and ranged him from the back and he is helpless against you all of his moves are avoidable with your high mobility.

A Single Stun will be death for you your fast enough to avoid her dont fight her inside her bubble or demonic circle and attack from the back like any shield character. Do not melee her period she has anti healing augments and skills your life steal dont mean â– â– â– â–  against her no matter how fast you attack.

Quite dangerous but easy to kill avoid fighting him around his mortars and dont get to close to were he can taser you it dose not take long for him to strip your shields down and wreck you. Blow up his shields with TMP and rely on skill dmg to burst him down mope up what remains of him with the TMP crits and FB bleeds procs.

Rath are easy even if they knock and silence you just quick melee him to break the inevitable dreadwind. Other then not getting to close to get hit with that combo stay far away if hes is a novice Rath that just comes at you with dread AA right off the bat and come down on him hard with FB and proceed to clean up with the TMP he should be at deaths door after all of that and never try to go toe to toe with him at melee you just cant do it period.

Never attack ghalt with out back up he is to dangerous and if he pulls you your dead no questions asked its probably a good idea if you kite behind large obstetrical to insure you dont get pulled while trying to engage him. Then just FB his general area to see if there are any traps in wait you can also initiate with AA to destroy any traps he has around as well as dmg him then follow up with FB for bleed procs mope up with melee at his back or the TMP head shots hes a big enough target and you should be good.

Same as Rath easy to kill stay out of the sword cascade and don’t let her get in close or even come down on you with phase gate.

Not much you can do against a skilled thorn player except run AA is dangerous to use becuase with out its augment your a sitting duck waiting to get shot out of the sky. Dont let her lure you in low sealing portions of the maps and her speed and mobility rival Cals and Benedict’s if shes is built right so its hard for you to melee her and get head shots effectively she is a perfect counter to you in every way and should just be out right avoided but never left unchecked.

Is easy as hell to kill when she has no allies around her but do note she is fast and will book dont let her get near a a miku or you will never kill the two. Other then that’s she is easy to burst down its just annoying when she tries to run because shes actually quite fast.

In the sniper nest or any vantage point he will near one shot you but if you get the drop on him he tends to panic FB and sideswipe him dead and dont ever try to go ranged to ranged with him he will own you each and every time. Only TMP him when hes on the run and has his back turned to you and your good.

Ther no way he can hit you with his rockets if you know how to move you can blind him while he is airborn with flashbang But AA and GB are both worthless against him while he’s in the air. On top of that You only have a small window when he lands to burst him and if he is smart he will lift off to avoid you but he is super easy to hit with the TMP while airborn just be sure not to overextend trying to give chase.

Whiskey Foxtrot and Oscar Mike
Whiskey can be a dangerus sniper so all you need to do is be on the move and mike has but loads of AoE there both dangerus if your standing still like a deer in head lights so just keep moving and you should be able to chip at them and burst them down once they blow all of there CD’s on you.

Montana And Toby Kelvin
All three are big and easy to kill head shots and sideswiping assaults from the back will end there days just be sure not to get caught in there cross hairs or its game over for you. And kevin will try his best to stun you just avoid and look for a chance to burst with skills and Energy Blade/TMP be sure to watch out if he uses his ice wall

Shayne and Aurox and El Dragon
More Big body targets to hit avoid Shayne pull and her ultimate she can stealth but after thats ben blow just keep at range and get in so good head shots and dont let her melee you. El Dragon is in the same boat all of his crap is easy to avoid head shots and shots on the back of his arms will do him in i believe.

She is kinda weak her clone behaves like a normal IA and should freeze like a deer in head lights if you flash bang she has no i frames and is quite squishy. You can also see her ultimate coming from a mile away dash out and GB her and proceed to burst if possible because she is kinda hard to hit

She is just out right easy to kill but if you get caught in her pillars you are doomed you can full on burst her in melee range beacuse most orendies tend to panic when they got melee on their asses a good old flash bang with Melee strikes mixed in will end her because shes fragile as glass but fast as hell.

She is almost the tankier version of Caldarius she can be highly mobile and her poison can last a good length. Not to mention her Gun is just as accurate at close range but unlike cals gun it has a higher recoil so a mix of melee and long ranged tactic’s mixed in with one or two flashbangs should kill her. But if you find yourself in a stalemate just avoid her and let your allies handle her better to not wast to much time on her.

On its own is not hard to kill but it is fast and hitting it will make it faster and if it has a reyna on it forget it there is no way its will die. Same goes for if he has ambra with him but solo it should be easy to deal with just avoid the high dmg it can deal with its kunai and burst it with skills and melee dmg and you should be ok.


Very good guide. I just unlocked the Master of Caldarius title in the early access preview of the game and I can say this guide is pretty accurate. Something I’d note though is that skill damage isn’t very useful on Cald. Even with +10% skill damage the highest calculated damage you can get with his flashbang is around ~410. Without any skill damage gear it’s still about ~370 damage so I don’t think it’s good enough to take up gear slots.

I’m gonna be making my Master of Caldarius build guide soon, nice to see other people getting the hang of how he plays.

TYVM man atm just doing the match up portion of this guide