Caldarius Issue can anyone help?

Hi everyone. So ive been playing Battleborn since it came out, sampling each of the characters and one of my favourites is Caldarius. But I have one issue with him. From what I understand, his q ability, Gravictic Burst, is supposed to launch you forward and attack in front of you. From the gameplay that I have seen of others play him it seems like the dash distance on this ability is a moderate distance. But whenever I activate this ability with Caldarius, he only dashes an extremely short distance. I am fairly certain, unless I am mistaken, that what I am experiencing is not the correct distance for the ability. This makes the ability useless for offense unless you are within point blank range of an enemy (and I don’t think Caldarius is a solely point blank based character) and it is also useless as an escape ability because of the extremely short dash distance. Has anyone else had this issue and if you had, can you help at all? Or is this how the ability works? If anyone could give me some information on this that would be great.

It might be that you’re getting snagged on some oddly shaped hitboxes and it’s interrupting the dash. Try using it in the air and see if that helps.

Already ahed of you on that one buddy. Ive tested it in the air, after using other abilities and with certain combinations of helix choices. None of which helped.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe you are hitting the button more than once and cancelling the attack part way. Not likely but other than that I can’t think of anything else.

Yeah I initially thought this was the issue but my testing proved that this wasn’t it.

All I can think of is that you are somehow cancelling the dash. Try mapping that ability to a different key or maybe even a mouse button to see what happens.

Didn’t think of this one. But i just tried this and still no change. Thanks very much for the replies everyone but im going to contact gearbox or 2k about this directly and see what they say.

Any way you could record a short video of the problem?

Sure dude. Here is a link to a one time download link of the video on Mediafire. In the video, I went into a private match and activated the ability a few times clearly showing the issue. On the second time, I used environment markings to measure exactly how far the ability actually moved you.

PS: I couldn’t find a way of sharing a video on here nativley and this was the first method of sharing the video that popped into my head. If there is a simpler way, please tell me and il be sure to kick myself :slight_smile:.

When I clicked the link it told me it was expired. Do you still experience this problem? I’d say Caldarius’ dash distance unupgraded should be about as far as Montana’s dash (although I haven’t played Montana too much) when you upgrade his dash distance.

If you’re not mistaken and for some reason your Caldarius dash is shorter … I’d drop him. The dash is what gives caldarius most of his survivability… Without it I’d say he’s actually kind of useless or at least extremely hampered.