Caldarius lore challenge ( three-to-one contact ) bugged?

Hi there,

is three-to-one contact bugged? i Play as Rath with a friend, he Plays Caldarius, but kills with energy-blade does not seem to Count in PvE for him. Is this a PvP challenge or is it doable in PvE?


I’m not sure if it’s changed, but I completed all of Cald’s lore in PvE.

I got my 10/150 during that short period before our Rath disconnected (PVE). For me it seems to work good enough.

I did this over the weekend in PvE with no problem.
I performed a majority of the kills non-assisted with my Secondary Attack.
No one disconnected in my sessions, which were 3 player Private Missions.

I do know that there are Lore challenges to play with other specific Battleborn that get interrupted if something prevents you from finishing the mission (success or failure), such as a disconnection.
There may be something along those lines here as well, even if slightly different.

Ok thx for your anwers.