Caldarius needs a rework

Dear 2k Guys,

Caldarius is compared to the others, the weakest damage dealer in the game, i’d love to play him more because the idea of his mechanics would be awesome, but in the mid / lategame scalling he was forgotten how it seems, because his damage skaling ist almost 0 compared to all other damage dealers i’ve played… I hope you will test that and rework him, otherwise no one will play him because he is not vaiable enough… many thanks.



not at all. it’s fast, squishy but fast, AND if you aim well, his critical output combined with the fire rate makes him more dangerous for someone who can aim.

sadly i can’t aim sh1t so i was on the same waggon but then i saw some videos on YouTube and felt like i wasn’t playing him the right way.


thats not the point my friend, not at all, the point is if you crit with a sniper you do 800-1200 dmg per shot, and about 200-300 non crits , you want to tell me this is ok if you have 13 shots with about 20 dmg per shot? no it is not, not at all, i know you have to aim and I am a good aimer, but he is like i said, compared to the others, one of the weakest champs !

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and just as a hint, he is defined as meele, while his knife does about 100-200 dmg and that is not enough at all, play him more against good teams and you will recognize, that he’s , at the moment at least, absolutely not vaiable!

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I’ve played Caldarius, he’s NOT that weak, focusing on melee speed, not melee strength, he can be a very dangerous battleborn in PVP, aside from that, like most battleborn, Caldarius is very team reliant, you shouldn’t be expecting him to do everything for the team, hes a chaser, hes meant to pick the weakest link of the pack, and prevent them from doing damage, he can, if your good and play smart, can even take on rath, in a head on collision, and win! 1 v 1 is a Jennerit’s calling and he does this well, and is also terribly frightening while doing it, I mean, can you just imagine, a mech battlesuit hybrid, just rushing towards your screen, at mach speed?

He’s an attacker, but not meant to be used blindly. You need to be a thinker, and be aware of the battlefield, hit shard’s and hit quickly, and exit just as fast. He’s hard to play, but he is viable to any team, so stop exaggerating.

(Reto, watchu doin here? You should be working on H&G!)


reaper? whats H&G? And to say it again, if you play against good teams, he’s not vaiable, if rath plays well you stay NO chance!!! forget that immediatly!!! and same goes for mike / miko / ambra/ every dmg dealer in the game, i just think you guys played against realy bad teams that didn’t push like hell, what you talk about would be good if a game lasts about an hour but most of the games are finished in about 10-20 minutes and in fast fights like these he can’t do ■■■■. And believe me, you can’t 1v1 anyone, i played him a really lot tried everything, even bad players own you easily with their abilitys only !!!

He’s not really a 1v1 character, he’s the hit & run clean-up specialist. My main issue w/ him is that his ult puts him in massive danger, out in the open. The ability where he rushes forward can be managed, rush in, do damage, jet off, but landing his AoE ult for maximum damage just plops him in the center of everything. Anyone that doesn’t die & everyone else in the area just unloads on him immediately. It should be some kind of finishing move against one character, like impale them and fly them away. The last place you want him is in the middle of a big crowd, so it’s kind of wasted.

Yes exactly, and there is the main problem, every other champ can easily be played to a 1v1 champ, he isn’t and thats what makes him so unvaiable, guys i would say this disscusion is meaningless, i don’t say they have to overpower him at all, but he needs a little dmg boost , thats allready enough to be a good champ, at least 20% an everything of him, his abilitys / his basic attacks. thats the point!!!


and for sure also he should scale more with levels not like now where is about 0 scaling !!!

Well, maybe you just play with bad team mate’s, if you can’t 1 v 1 with Cal, stay near a player, all Battleborn work best that way, anyway, also, how many days have you guys been playing Cal since open beta?

Secondly: It won’t matter about Caldarius getting a buff or revamp or rework, if you end up with a bad team anyhow, needless to say, a bad team, is just a bad team.

Thirdly: Have you read his lore? I unlocked 4/5 of it, only missed the 750 jennerit enemies one, he’s a Shock Trooper bro, not meant to stay in combat for long, his speed and HP value’s prove that.

Mind you, Cal’s my fave jennerit, so I don’t really care if he gets beefed up, I’ve already grown accustomed to playing as him, and truly, find your OP and all of your comments to be in complete contrast to simply how good of a character he is to me, as he is now…


Caldarius is good, as long as the player is good, he does not need any buff or nerf. My teammate was owning with Cal every game we played…


Caldarius is probably the most mobile character in the game. His flashbangs with right Helix provide insane amount of semi-CC while ult + dash + double jump give him an absolute control over where/when/how to engage. If you give this guy damage output of other assissins he is going to be straight up OP.


You can say what you want, in view to all other champs he needs a damage boost, that isn’t a point of discussing …its just clear, and he isnt the most movement champ, that would be benedict, clearly

an increase of about 20 % wouldn’t be recognized that much (also the lategame scaling misses completly he is good in earlygame but in late he can’t do ■■■■ anymore, and i play in a clan with i would say some of the best players i saw (youtube included). It’s not about that. Battleborn isn’t just teambattling it is also about vaiability in a team, and a sniper doesn’t have to engage to kill enemys going away so he is the weakest of all champs if you compare the risk you have to take to go in there… i don’t get why you guys all think that its good like it is, i just think you guys aren’t handy with typical moba games…

i call that ■■■■■■■■, then the enemys were bad with their champs or you did pick all others good champs to combo with

This is not a straight up moba though personally i haven’t had a problem using caldarius hes my main and fine as is. The only thing i will say is that he is considerably more difficult to use with a controller .

i find it kinda strange how much i can repeat myself here, lets make an example, go to miko in a 1v1 and you surely will loose, go to rath you will loose, go to every ■■■■■■■ champ, you will loose! what is so hard to understand there?? xD

and it is a moba…

his flashbank is his only viable ability if you compare the damage of his others to it and to all from other champs

Benedict is hardly a movement champ… He flies up real high, but move’s real slow after than, anyone can hit him aside from melee character’s… Unlike Caldarius, who DASHES, from side to side, can even attack and shoot while dashing, can activate his skill’s… Anytime… While dashing… Dashing vs Jumping High, who’d win? You jump real high, but gravity dictates that, that all that goes up, must come down… Dashing is the physical act of moving in a generalized direction (<<< skewered this but you get the idea).

1 v 1, Benedict vs Caldarius, Caldarius can reach benedict, hellishly fast, Benedict has rocket’s, but their not meant for hitting high speed target’s, Caldarius would win everytime, or Benedict would just back down…

reto, every comment you make, make’s me believe more and more, that you just want this character to be ridiculously OP… Like you seem to just be in this mind set that everyone else does better than Caldarius, when you don’t bother to look at other ways to play him, you never stated otherwise.

My thought’s on your thought’s… You believe his lore of being a Shock Trooper, shouldn’t matter, that what his armor was designed for, should just simply trump and crush every other character, because, it doesn’t matter, he should just be on top…

I mean, you just literally pitted Caldarius, with one of the weakest character’s (I say this loosely) of Battleborn, Benedict (Again, to me he’s weak, that’s my opinion), even stating that Benedict has the greatest movement out of all the characters, when clearly, if you played Caldarius correctly, running into combat and out of combat, you should know how to use his skill’s, how to appropriately use his ult, and how to just generally stay alive.

I am sorry to say this, but chuck it up to your own bad playings, if you believe Caldarius is a bad character… Again I am sorry, but if you’ve been playing Caldarius as long as you have, you wouldn’t have commented about Benedict being movement champ, nor even made the comparison, since they fit, entirely, different, ROLE’s!