Caldarius needs some love

Is it just me or does he seem too fragile or not bursty enough? I really feel like he needs a bit of tlc. His damage feels low, and he’s lacking any stun or slow to make up for that. I really want to like him, but i feel that in order to be competitive with other Battleborn he needs a mild buff.

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I’m really concern if they buff this character. I played him a couple days ago and his movement is crazy, no melee character could touch me. I fought Galilea at Thralls and brought her to half health before she decided to block and retreat - The only thing is that I couldn’t finish her off because of the low damage. If they decide to give him a buff, let it only be in damage.


Agreed, though I think better cool-down for the flash-bang would help.


How about infinite ammo? It would add consistency as well as an up to his DPS.

i think infinite ammo would be overkill. The tmp has a good clip size and amazing accuracy. However, it takes a whole clip to take down a characters shield and his melee hits are actually fairly weak compared to other brawler types. With as ultimately fragile as he is, he should have high damage to make up for it. I would love to see some sort of synergy between the two weapons. Maybe tmp does extra damage to shields, and blades do extra after 50%.


That sounds neat,I really find the blade very weak.It’s slow, has lower DPS than the tmp and unless you build for melee it’s pretty much useless.

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He is my fav character I love him I really hope they bring out some killer skins for him
But I really agree he is not bursty enough
What is every ones build with him?

Don’t mess with his damage…theres a reason why hes the fastest.


If you’ve got a lot of attack speed item’s, use em, that’s when he shine’s like the bright Jennerit Star that he is! (Caldarius)

I’ve gotten upto 19%, without the Gravitic Burst Att Speed bonus (20%), added with the other, at 39%, I’ve straight up murderized a lot of Battleborn! :laughing:

Caldarius is in a sweet spot. His damage is perfect where he is. Build attack speed and you can ruin a lot of peoples day.

Only thing I would give him, as I proposed in an other thread, is giving him a 1.5 second blind instead of a 1 second blind for flashbang.

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I’d reduce the cool-down of the grenade as well, but the time on the blind would be nice as well.

In open beta Caldarius was a favorite of mine. His damage was decent considering his rate of fire/attack speed and his movement is awesome. He’s labeled as “Agile” and “Skirmisher” so it makes sense that he’d be more of a hit and run character.

Can we talk about how you activate aerial assault and how you hit your head on the ceiling which deactivates it? That really just ruins the day for me with him.

If I remember correctly if that occurred the CD would be drastically reduced. Don’t quote me on that because I don’t remember.

If Oscar Mike can call down an air strike indoors, I should be able to land on a guys head. It would just make sense.

All characters are different and will run into different issues. If Mike couldn’t call in a strike indoors than his ult would be nonexistent in maybe 50-70% of the game (until lvl 10 anyhow with his space laser). At least with Aerial Assault you can activate it in a lot of places because of high ceilings. They might reduce the height, but I feel as long as you get a drastically reduced cooldown it isn’t really much of an issue.

Buff calderius…and he will murder all melee in the game without any effort. Have you ever tried to catch him? Slippery jerk is not only the fastest, but most manueverable. His damage is great at the moment. He applies pressure to flanks and then escapes to hit from another direction. Testing weaknesses and keeping opponents from strong pushes.

Support him with a sniper and watch the enemy cry.

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I think damage output is ok. He does feel a little like a glass cannon though. I agree making fast/agile characters have a higher damage output is a bit to much.

I’m eager to try him with attack speed, reload speed and shield penetration gear on. I feel like a constant needle drain on regular health despite shields would make him a great harasser.

From personal experience, don’t bother with shield penetration, it’s a waste of time and a waste of gear slots, if you’re going to melee… Only do attack speed for melee, trust me!

TMP on the other hand, a bit underwhelming, but best used sparingly still, never know when someone’s gonna run due to low health, always good to have a full clip to spray into their backs, not to say its completely useless, head shot’s with the TMP do massive dmg, (still wouldn’t recommend shield penetration) on enemies like Isic (without his aegis or ward’s up, or in his ult without the automatic Aegis shield) it can be a game changer, so doing a TMP stylized build isn’t TOTALLY objectable, it’s just not practical.