Caldarius needs some love

Don’t Wast reload Speed on him Or armor pen you only use armor pen if he has impressive atk dmg as is attack speed is good but if your going for a build that uses the TMP only you will barely notice it but it dose make you empty the clip faster. Go for skill dmg with any build for caldarious and if your a TMP based build i would say go Skill DmG as your main stat and ether MoV SpD or Crit DmG as secondary stats.

I like attack damage and cooldown stacking. The more you can flashbang, the better. Attack damage is useful for upping tmp damage and allowing mobile harrassment vs melee. Splashing extra movement speed can help with this as well.

Attack dmg dose not effect flashbangs dmg thats what skill dmg dose Attack dmg boost the TMP and his Melee attacks

Cal, just takes some getting used to, but once you get the right gears plus the right helixs+mutations he’s a beast. It will just click for you and you’ll be skirting around the field mopping people up with little to no answer.

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Yeah this post is 12 days old before he got buffed where he was abit weak now he a good character and probably the bedt at capture

I love playing as Caldarius, it just sounds like I need to get better as him. Though he could use his ultimate move not being wasted if he doesn’t have enough room to fly into the air.

My major problems with Caldarius.

  • Damagedrop on TMP bejond melee range
  • Celling and obstracels make his ultimate skill some kind of gambling
  • meele attack useless - range chars run and you have to shoot them
    - melee chars are way better in melee
  • cant stun and blinding time is way to short compared to stun and blinds of other chars

Gotta say I agree. He’s solid. Heck me and my clan just started playing and for some odd reason I’m getting hate mail for my Caldarius play. I’m not even playing stupid - I’m a honest guy so I don;t taunt after kills and crap like that- but I get hate mail saying hes a “no skill char”

I actually like him, he;s in a solid spot, not too tanky, not to hard on the damage side. Ok the flashbang can be a pain when your on the other end of a good Cal player but. I just don;t like his Gravatic dash, I feel like the ending slash comes out too late? maybe it;s just the way I use it. My vote is to leave em alone.

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as one who has accomplished a score like the one ssfjustin posted, can confirm caldarius needs no buffing.

I would also like to put it on the record that the reason so many people think caldarius needs a buff is BECAUSE he needs some finesse and talent to really shine.

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You can end Gravitic Burst early just by doing a regular melee attack, you still get the dmg from Burst itself. That being said, I agree that Cal is just fine the way he is.


Really? thers a cancel window? Wow I did not know that at all. many thanks Orb! I usually just go screaming by people and use it to escape, now maybe with better aim I can use it to gank folks and make it work.

CAL: “Hmph, I don’t need your help”
(Several Jennerit war ships warp in)
CAL: “Hmph, I MIGHT need your help”

nuff said…


lol this thread is from beta. :slight_smile: after tweaking my playstyle, i agree with everyone else. :slight_smile:

Going 10-20 kills every game as Caldy.
■■■■■ good bro.

i just tried him last night on heliophage. ended with score middle of the pack but he sure was fun to play with. i just need to work on his lunge move. constantly am missing with it so i tended to use it only for escape.

Attack damage, attack speed, skill cool down. I like to think of him as a Bee buzzing around enemies annoying the hell out of them. Wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. I never use melee the TMP does the job. Use flashbang every single time it’s available and be absolutely relentless.
Also he’s fast so collect shards and build turrets. I just played a couple games I went k/d/a 20/7/10 and 11/0/20 I also had the most shards and builds. At first he does seem underpowered but once you figure him out he kicks butt.