Caldarius not unlocking properly

Finished mission 4 yestreday and it popped up the message that Caldarius unlocked, but then it had an error when trying to load the results screen and threw the party back to the main menu with a message about the match history being unavailable. Now, in the character screen in Command Caldarius is still locked but finishing that mission is no longer listed as a method to unlock him - it only lists the command rank method.

We quite annoyingly lost the epic and legendary loot we got that run, too, but that’s comparatively minor.

Try entering a support ticket

This happened to me also. We were playing around the time the patch was being uploaded to the servers. At least that is what it seems based on the twitter and message board post/time stamp. Any way, I lost all the equipment from that run and 3 character unlocks that popped at the end of the mission are bugged out. Thinking about trading the game in for something else at this point. Highly upset about it.

Try the support ticket they should be able to fix it

I have submitted a ticket regarding this issue along with screen shots detailing the items and progressed lost by this issue. Will post with an update after receiving information/response from support.

I received a reply from support requesting some additional information from me in the form of a video and details about what happened.

I have provided them with this information and we will see what happens next.:worried:

Response back from support says they are working on a fix with no E.T.A.
I’m assuming it could be months before a patch of some kind to prevent this from happening again, but probably no way to fix the current problem. Other then to delete your save and start all over.:sob:

Again I am assuming, but I believe your save data is local and the game authenticates unlocks with the server at the end of each match.

What appears to have happened was a version type mismatch between server and local game.
We were playing around the time an update was pushed out.
From all evidence it looks like the update was live on the server before reaching the client. Leaving us playing an older version of the game during the match in question. At the end of the match, when the game attempted to validate unlocks during the end results screen, we got a “Playlist failed to update/refresh” error.
(or whatever it was called)
This caused the game to drop us back to the main menu and not properly give us credit for the character(s) and items we should have unlocked. But because the unlock triggered there is no way to resend this validation, nor is there any way to redo the unlock requirements. :rage:

Yeah, I contacted support myself. And the sluggish responses in combination with the gratuitous hoop-jumping they’ve required has been rather frustrating. I can’t say they’ve inspired confidence in the problem being resolved, much less in a timely fashion. But I’d like to think they’re just busy quashing problems rather than blowing mine off.