Caldarius PC to Console

I am a loving player of Caldarius on the PC and I wish to bring Battleborn to my PS4 since the PC is a bit lacking in players. I played Caldarius rather well on the PC but the main gripe I hear people talk about is how difficult he is to use on the consoles. Can anyone inform me of what would make him much more difficult from PC to consoles?

I would assume the main problem would be the movement while aiming but from what I saw with PC version when you do his double jump the cross-hair does a rather fine job of staying in the general area you were aiming I would think with an aim assist this would only make it easier.

Xbox player here. I honestly think it’s just that people are having a hard time tracking targets while staying agile. People get frustrated that they’re missing a lot, they stop being agile, they die. Then they come onto the forums and cry about how weak Caldarius is. But hey, if you want to give my main man Caldy a buff, who am I to turn it down?

Back on track. It’s probably because people have trouble using the thumbsticks while hitting the jump button.

My advice? Get good at pressing the jump button with your index finger, while shooting with your middle finger and aiming with your thumb. It’s how I was able to circle strafe around a Kelvin so much that he got confused and started swinging at the air.

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I have a controller on the PS4 that has back paddles on it that are used for remapping a button onto them so that should be an advantage. I guess I will have to find out for myself when I play it first hand.

Yeah, tracking is quite hard on a controller. I could try the claw-stance, holding the controller, though. (On PS4.) I’m not terrible at the game, I think, I’m working on practicing Caldarius a bit, it’s just keeping him mobile while going in for the kill is a little frustrating due to tracking, losing the target, etc.

Yeah, he’s still ridiculously good on console if you know how to play him.

I’ve seen two people that aren’t horrible with him… one I added and now play with a ton.

They don’t even use his double jump on here… Highest mobility in the game, and they don’t even USE it.

Just map your jump button to L1. No claw required.

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Did for him. Works great.

Xbox One player:
My friend mains Caldy and honestly so think most of the complaints are from people who use him poorly. Like someone else said, people don’t even use his double jump, I have seen this guy weave into 3 enemies, keep them occupied so we could clear the wave, and weave right back out. Hitting them often enough to take their focus into him haha.

I havnt played a game on PC since doom 3 so I am not sure how big the difference will be, but from my standpoint Caldy (played right) is awesome here

This is an awesome idea, I’ll have to give it a shot!

Also an interesting and small buff for caldarius could be a very minor aim assist. Something like: if you keep your cross hair on an enemy for 2 or more seconds, it will “lock on” to them and auto rotate your view to keep your cross hair on them for another 2 seconds after your cross hair would have normally moved off of them.

You should have your jump button mapped to L1 (or some shoulder button) in pretty much any shooting game ever. Except killzone maybe which doesn’t involve much jumping. Halo players do it. In DOOM you feel like a God vs people that don’t use L1.

There’s already plenty of aim assist. Your aim will naturally be a lot more comfortable now because your right thumb will always be on the stick.

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Played my first game with the jump mapped to l1… and holy •••• it’s an amazing difference. I recommend all caldarius players do this