Caldarius Rangefinder (Helix 9 after unlock): TMP + 11 - glitch or WAI?

Hello all,

I’ve posted this in the Caldarius forum too. Not trying to spam, just hoping to get an answer.

Others have correctly pointed out that Caldarius’ Rangefinder augment (Helix 9 after rank 3) grants 11 additional TMP bullets in addition to significantly increased Flashbang max range. The +11 from RF also stacks with the 8 bullets from Microfusion Cell for a potential total of 39 TMP bullets per magazine, basically double the starting capacity.

I’m assuming this is WAI rather than a glitch, because the ammo gauge can accommodate any of the possible ammo levels (20, 28, 31, 39) the TMP can have with these augments, but have the devs ever come out and said one way or another?

Also, if this is WAI, are the devs planning to change the Helix blurb to call it out? It’s a really great upgrade, I think people should know it’s there.

Thanks all!

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That is really interesting. I had NO idea! I never took that aug, always preferred the expanded flash bang radius.

I’ll give it a shot later. Would be great to hear some info from GBX on it and have it stated in-game if it IS working as intended.

Thanks for the info!

My pleasure!

It’s a really great augment. I actually usually use Adaptive Harmonics for the melee boost, then Rangefinder for the TMP ammo, rather than stacking both. I prefer to have enhanced damage with both Cal’s main attacks. I have a Vyn’s Quiver I always use with him, too, so his reloads are pretty quick. (And that’s even with bad stats on the VQ, its reload buff is only like 17.4% or something.)

But yeah, stacking the two ammo adds (which I’ve tried as well), when you also have an Attack Speed boost from gear, gets pretty insane. Can burn off a lot of HP quickly.

Edit: BTW, Brightblaster, the larger grenade radius, is a very useful augment too. Plenty of good arguments for picking that (super useful on Void’s Edge for the void mob waves, or any defense mission for big wave clears).

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I dig it! I usually run Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Crit on him. I’ve always felt his reload was pretty fast on its own.

Ever try any recoil reduction with him? I saw a redditor saying it was good but I never really had much of a problem with it. (PvE only here).

Oh yeah, that reload is beast.

I have a Stable Executioner legi and have actually never used it once. Cal’s recoil is kind of noticeable, so I bet that is a really good choice with him. Thanks for the suggestion!

I forgot to mention, the reason I usually don’t go with Brightblaster any more is that I DO use Flash Barrage. You can scatter the grenades out a bit to enhance overall area hit, or focus all 3 on one target.

Do you get any mileage at all out of FlashMIRV? Seems totally useless, the mini-bombs have no burst radius at all. :unamused:

Really like what I’ve heard about Flash Barrage, but don’t normally use it. Prior to mutation I did use FlashMIRV often but I can’t say I really saw any impact. I had to really pay attention to even see that anything was actually happening.

Usually I run with Clusterburst + Brightblaster. Often combining those with Adaptive Harmonics (+18% Blade Dmg), Energy Transfusion (+15% Blade Lifesteal), and Zealous Frenzy (+20% Blade Spd after GB). So ideally in packs of mobs I’d TMP till mid/close range, drop Flashbang with aforementioned bonuses, Gravitic Burst + multiple melee swipes (with that Atk Spd, Atk Dmg, & Crit Dmg gear wowza!), then ult out back in for the finish.

If this TMP double mag bonus is legit though and stays in, I’ll definitely consider a more gun oriented approach. It would certainly help my ability to survive in Advanced Heliophage and the like.

And I haven’t tried recoil reduction on Caldy yet, but its on the list of plans. If you do, let me know if it helps!

Random last thought: I really like Improved Thrusters, and going gun focused will let me pick that up. Nice!

I actually use this even with Zealous Frenzy. I wanted (very badly) for ZF to be a viable self-sufficiency option for Cal, but I just can’t make it one. 15% even with ATK spd, ATK dmg, and Adaptive Harmonics still isn’t enough. Make it 25% or even perhaps just 20% and we’d be talking.

Improved Thrusters is ridiculous. Use L1 for jump (PS4) and move your other controls around to accommodate it. It’s like playing Armored Core or something, just stupidly fun and cool. Also a great escape option for bad situations, especially combined with Gravitic Burst as a turbo boost.

(Cal is just such a fun character to play!!!)

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Agree that the heal return isn’t much, to see any real gain you have to get in, do the damage and get out without being hit. I am almost always in constant mostion as Caldy. I’m sure I’ve made several healers hate me.

But on a more important note - I HAVE PLAYED ARMORED CORE MY ENTIRE LIFE (seriously, from the very first Armored Core on PS1). Awesome to see another player. Never realized it but that may be part of Caldy’s alure. As fun as he is, I’ve always been a slight bit disheartened that he didn’t have a jump/hover similar to benedict. For a suit that has such flight capabilities ya know?

Oh man, SO dying in wait for the next Armored Core game. Now that Miyazaki has creative control, I expect to see truly great things. He has done so much with Souls and Bloodborne, I think he is going to make AC better than it has ever been. He has openly said that if they do a new AC, it will have DNA from Souls.

But until we get that - Caldarius 4EVA

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Did a story mission last night, just a Normal - Algorithm. The 39 shot clip definitely worked well.
I was running attack speed, crit, and one epic recoil item that also had + reload speed. Can’t say for sure if its -incredible- after a single run, but I was really surprised to surpass the Toby in that run. It really did feel much better than how I’ve been playing (with more blade focus) and will likely be a safer option for Advanced runs.