Caldarius' Role?

To all the Caldarius mains:

I need a new character to start working on mastering, and Caldarius is my next target. I like the combination of mobility and striking power he promises. However, I’m finding in my initial test runs that he doesn’t seem to have the finishing power his lore implies. So…

Do you guys play him as an initiator, a disruptor, an assassin or something else? I like the idea of him as a disruptor, but I’m not convinced there’s any point to a BB who just causes chaos in PvP.

Friendly advice only, please! Thanks all.

Mix with your team for cover and blind, blind, blind.
This helps you stay alive and it helps your team advance.

Thanks. That’s not what I would have expected.

Well, I wouldn’t consider him my main, but I spent some time playing him.

I would consider him a harasser (or ‘Disruptor’; terminology is really flexible here).
What @wisecarver said is generally true for defensive situations. Your ‘normal’ role is to assist with surpressing fire and blinding. So basically keep Flashbang on CD while jumping from cover to cover. All while keeping your weapon on enemy crit spots.

(This might require some keybindings, I play on Xbox and had to swap Jump/Ping to jump and aim at the same time.)

Your best option to stay alive is your maneuverability, so good situational awareness for positioning and cover is most important.

Of course, this makes him feel like a sub-par DD, compared to some of the Assassins.

But there is one more advanced facet to playing Caldarius, something even experienced players can easily make mistakes on: Diving.
The Combo of Aerial Assault + Gravitic Burst allows you to secure kills on fleeing enemies deep in enemy territory and still get out alive using your dash. Hypothetically.
(If your escape route gets blocked or you take too much damage while en route, this will get you killed.)


Caldarius is an interesting Battleborn. My playstyle with Caldi changes drastically depending on level.
Before gear and level advantage I don’t find myself doing much damage unless I’m landing critical hits. So my early game focus is to add chip damage/blind as much as possible and level up.

Once leveled up to 5, you can finish kills and escape a lot easier. Also Caldi’s damage with gear should be sufficient to start taking on more of a DPS role (I usually run symbiotic guantlet and an epic with a secondary atk damage). The focus becomes more of not letting enemies escape with low health. Caldi’s high mobility can let him confirm kills and get away if you’re paying attention to what path is safest. (and as always blind as much as possible).

In a very vague sense, if you look at what Melka does on the surface - that is kind of what I go for with Caldi. Do damage while being hard to hit. Confirm kills and be a minor CC support.

He can be all of those when you really know how to play him. He has a lot of diving potential and that is crucial to how he plays. For initiating and disruption, just sort of go in or go for a flank and try to blind as many as you can. I wouldn’t advise you to do this too often as this can be a waste of a flashbang unless your team is pushing or if you want to coordinate CC and because flashbang has a cd of 24 seconds. He is a very efficient assassin as he can burst people down very quickly then dive in for the kill and safely get out as long as you save your dash unless you’re confident you can get out with your thrusters without being slowed. If you see a squishy at 75%, 50% or under, immediately dive them, flashbang and use your ult on them. You have to do this very quickly so you can have time to escape or find a route to escape. If done correctly this will always get you a kill. His flashbang is also very good at clearing waves since it stuns them and allows you and your team to clear with ease. Fashbang can be an escape too since it blinds people who are chasing you and procs Overdrive. Learn how to use your thrusters and move unpredictably. Save your grav burst for escaping unless you’re confident you can use it and burst someone down with the atk speed buff. Save your ult for diving, assassination, or a last resort resort escape. Try to land crits or really just as many shots with his gun and try to get melee hits in if you can without putting yourself in too much danger. If you want, I can also try to record some gameplay on how this all works and what it looks like.


Sounds good. Thanks!

What helix choices do you prefer for PvP? I’ve mostly played Cal in story mode, and I’m not sure the things I’d choose there are necessarily that good for PvP.

@lolattheseforums is definitely the one to listen to when it concerns Caldarius advice.

I’m just popping in to mention that Caldarius is one of the best Thrall grabbers in the game, and can easily solo double Thralls without taking significant damage (keep those flashbangs ready for when they try to launch their own grenades) in a short amount of time.


Stay mobile, coordinate CC with your team, and aim for crits as much as you can. 90% of your shots should be aiming for crit spots.

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My Caldi is in general a harasser (or skirmisher as devs want).
So, flashbang, disruption with Gravitic burst (pushing off/in targets) and Gravitic manipulators, he’s also excellent for peeling down any amounts of shields/sunspots aso as his firerate is already monstrous, and when it’s being augmented with Attack speed/Reload Speed gear… just think about it.
He’s also great at quick diving for kills on barely alive targets and engaging extending tanks equipped with pocket healers (wound effect on blade)
Also: with his Movement Speed helix and some Sprint Speed Gear he is horrible target for all the melees and even Pendles.
The weakness: slow CC, avoit at any cost.

I am curently working on assassin buld for him too: recent changes on Helices crippled my work though.

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RRRLRRLRLL. That’s the most ideal helix you could run for pvp.

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Many are more suited to answer, but I consider him a harasser/suppressor/kill confirmer. Long range fire and CC to keep enemies in check, decent wave clear with triple flashbang and cleave melee, ult and grav to dive like no other but a cheeky drunk Mellka

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Caldarius also has the role of being one of the hardest counters to Miko (arguably the hardest). Caldy’s burst potential mixed with Miko’s low health pool and large crit spot make for a bad time for Miko. Flash bang also cuts off Miko’s healing beam and energy blade applies wound.


Perhaps before Lady B dropped.

Caldy can dive a Miko though, Beatrix can’t. The perma wound from her just means that people have to retreat before getting healed. The wound is annoying but manageable with Miko. It’s harder for Alani though, her clutch rescue heals are hit harder than Miko’s healing.

And here you go

This was done in pubs so it’s not the greatest example but hopefully it helps. Also, don’t mind my constant checking of the score board. It’s a habit of mine.

if you dont mind me asking, what are the optimal gear choices in your opinion for cald and what helix choices are most commonly optimal?

I’d like to get into him but he’s very very very very very different playstyle from my usual mains as WFT, ghalt, reyna, miko, and ernest.

One look at my above mains and you can easily tell this is a massive divergence from me.

Im going to be honest with my below statement and it has nothing to do with you personally or your skill but me just not used to this watching this playstyle in incursion and subsequently seeing your video.

You seem technically great in that video but I can’t help but notice the amount of time you spend out of lane and away from the battle and not helping with minion kills. Do you think that this ultimately negates the benefit of the player killing? Like, you’ll kill a ghalt and he’ll be down for 15 seconds away from battle, but then you set up and recover for your next target - - and that takes about 10-12 seconds to set up…all the while not contributing anything to the lane for that entire 10-12 seconds.

With many of my characters (like my mains above), being out of lane for 7 or 10 seconds seems like an eternity of a penalty for me and forces my team in the “tug of war” that is incursion - - to be at a disadvantage in terms of the main lane - kind of like a death but not quite.

Again, I am completely oblivious to this style so my above question is more of a pick your brain type of thing and not anything negative.

Like…it seems the playstyle is Team Death Match Call of Duty with caldy from what I see in your video, but is Team Death Match Call of Duty the optimal playstyle in incursion? Or, TDM Caldy’s “role” for incursion - and it works for the team in the long run in your experience?

Sorry for the gigantic post. Anyone else who plays caldy can feel free to chime in too.


Still watching, but at 5 min - Sentry: “Caldarius, high five fellow robot! Er, are you a robot?”

Nice touch that even the sentries have dialogue!

I see -heal power white sprint speed and same purple movement + sprint, then symbiotic gauntlet. So, emphasizing mobility early game.

What are you doing when Ghalt hooks you there? Are you waiting until the end of the pull to hit thrusters, or using them during the pull?

Curious, you posted stats in the chat the other day on a carry, was this the game?