Caldarius strats and builds!

Let’s talk about caldarius starts for the open beta!

Robo-Batman…That’s all.

And he is a freaking mech.

LOL! So true!

Yeah, I’m just itching to hear Caldarius in action tomorrow. Then I can try to see if I can copy all of his dialogue and say it in a scratchy voice. Alas, just less than 24 hours.

This title is very misleading, so let’s take control of it, how did you guys spec his helix and what gear did you use for him? I really wanted him to work out for me but couldn’t figure him out.

  1. Blind and Bloodied
  2. Zealous Frenzy*
  3. Afterburner
  4. Flash Barrage
  5. Energy Transfusion
  6. Rapid Dominance
  7. Adaptive Harmonics*
  8. Gravitic Stabilizers
  9. Brightblaster
  10. Tuned Actuation

The two with an asterisk, 2 & 7, are ones that I sometimes mix up but they are always paired together. For example, if I go with Exit Strategy on 2 then I automatically pick Microfusion Cell on 7. I sometimes pick this build if there is a lot of melee on the enemy team and I want to play a keep away game.

My choice at 3 is really just a personal preference, I prefer to have the constant speed increase rather than the higher temporary burst.

At 5 I would normally go with Improved Thrusters but I started using the mutator and I liked it, it seemed to work pretty well for me but I don’t have any hard data on that and I was just going by feel.

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Thanks for the tips!

I use him as an ambush character.

I plan on making a thread about Caldarius’ augments because I don’t think he really have many good choices, so you don’t get to make any meaningful decisions with his build, but also he doesn’t seem to have power spikes at most levels like most Battleborn do. He does have a couple of powerful talents though, and this is how I build him:

  1. Blind and Bloodied, clean extra damage on Flashbang, Energy Cascade doesn’t really compare because the reload speed is almost nonexistant anyway and to trigger it you need to use your prime escape ability. Cal does have more breathing room for using his dash ability to do damage as he dashes just fine to escape with his passive, but you should still show caution in using Gravitic Burst to attack.

  2. Zealous Frenzy. Both talents trigger from Burst sadly, but Exit Strategy seems cumbersome and Cal definitely doesn’t need the mobility, while Zealous Frenzy improves his DPS right after using the skill that puts him exactly where he needs to be to melee.

  3. Overdrive. Afterburner feels a bit irrelevant because you pretty much replace Cal’s sprint by spamming his passive anyway, it moves you across the battlefield faster (though not by much so the 9% sprint speed may slightly pull ahead), but Overdrive does what your passive does in a more controllable fashion, it makes you fast, able to stick to enemies and difficult to shoot. The reason it’s kind of nice to have this is partly because of your sprint basically being your passive, and partly to counter opponents who may move in the opposite direction of your passive dash to try and throw you off, this lets you stick to them better when they’re not trying to run away in a straight line.

  4. Flash Barrage. It adds a hefty chunk of damage, I think it synergises with the blind and bleed augment too. Makes Cal an assassin that can clear waves and ups his kill potentiall too much to consider the other options, even Cluster Burst. Cluster Burst stops you from blinding multiple enemy Battleborn and is only similar damage to Flash Barrage when it should be clearly ahead to be worthwhile.

  5. Improved Thrusters. Great chasing talent, loads of speed, and it works well with Zealous Frenzy as you can use your passive to chase people running in a straight line even faster than before while using Zealous Frenzy to stick to people that want to try to juke you. I do think that Energy Transfusion could be decent too though, especially because then you keep the shorter, slower but harder to juke version of Cal’s passive.

  6. Rapid Dominance. Kinetic Burst is counterproductive, if you’re hitting people with Burst you don’t want them away from you. Gravitic Anomaly sounds nice and admittedly I may not have given it enough of a chance, slows are a powerful cc in this game, but the slow effect felt weak when I used it and it suffers, again, from you having to use Gravitic Burst to attack when you’ll want to reserve it to keep yourself safe. Rapid Dominance just allows you to benefit from your Flashbang talents, cc and free burst that doesn’t jeapordize your safety more often.

  7. Adaptive Harmonics. It’s a good melee attack boost, really helps to bring out that damage in Cal that people are missing. Microfusion Cell doesn’t really improve your DPS, especially because the reload speed of the TMP is, as mentioned before, so fast. That, and Cal doesn’t exactly suffer from people escaping because you had to reload that one moment too soon.

  8. This one is actually a tough choice. Once upon a time I swore by Gravitic Stabilizers, huuuuge dash range, helps to engage and escape, and Burst’s damage isn’t exactly high enough for the 15% damage boost from Gravitic Amplifiers to be really noticable. I was using Amplifiers during the beta though because Gravitic Burst already feels like a giant range dash with the lovely new ability to be able to turn completely unhindered during the dash. Overall, I’ll still lean towards Stabilizers because 15% damage is practically nothing.

  9. Brightblaster. Once again, it’s not even a competition. Add a 33% radius buff to a skill with an already respectable radius (that is to say pretty big) and you get something that will easily tag and blind perhaps even three enemy Battleborn in a fight. Besides that, the other options just seem bad. Phaseblaster has no use as Cal is a flanking character, he’s one of the few that doesn’t suffer from being body blocked by teammates, and if he is behind his team he has the mobility to dash out in a second to make sure his blind lands where he needs it. Finally, Rangefinder is just unecessary. It already has a good max travel distance, buffed by radius too, and Cal is a close fighter with tons of mobility. He will never be in a situation where he can really abuse or even take advantage of that bonus range.

  10. Tuned Actuation. Makes Cal’s burst even faster and more unpredictable and grants him his ult more frequently for kills or escapes. Aerial Barrage might actually be good if it’s damage wasn’t over 2 seconds and, more importantly, didn’t delay you from crashing down (making the move clunky and actually dodgeable when normally it’s basically guaranteed damage). Ground Zeroed put me off when I saw it. Why does Cal need a push back? Maybe it could have some use for stunning opponents, but only if it’s that kind of pushback, and it just feels weird, he doesn’t need the help to land the kill, he just needs to kill faster.

This is pretty much what I was gonna say when I make my Caldarius augments thread, maybe elaborate a bit, or rather space it out so it’s easier to read. Dude has very few meaningful choices but I think it’s down to it being dangerous buffing his damage in any way, because he already functions well. I fancy suggesting a couple of augments too. Just worried that I don’t have enough experience with all of his talents to be talking down on most of them like this, basically I don’t want to be talking out of my arse.

Enough banter though, that’s the build I use. Hope it helps.

I take the exact same skills except for the following

I prefer microfusion cell since his tmp has a higher dps then his melee on crits but that’s just my personal preference

I always take exit strategy since as mentioned above i prefer the tmp for my main source of sustained dps and this skill helps me leap behind them and focus most characters crit spot while doing so.

Great job with the breakdown on all of his skills and helix.

This is actually why I feel a bit unsure about making a thread on it, because I recently learnt how good his TMP damage is and have heard of people liking Exit Strategy. I hadn’t even considered the height making it easier to crit before, guess I guess expect people to move away too much. A lot of his talents, especially mobility ones, just feel cumbersome when his base mobility is already so useful. Glad to have your take on it.

I do have to ask though, what makes his TMP crit DPS better? Don’t his melee crits get the same crit modifier?

When he gets knocked back or up his passive gives him an extra boost while mid air as opposed to just jumping.

His tmp does 60 damage on crit and empties in about 2.5-3 seconds or so meaning you can get out 1200 damage from one clip if all were crits. I don’t recall how much damage his melee does on crit but you can empty a clip by the time you do 2.5-3 melee attacks if i recall correctly.

It’s just preference on what you prefer to do since i only really melee to kill someone if i’m currently reloading my tmp or to get in a few before activating burst which gives me enough time to reload while airborne.

Wow, really? That sounds a little… high, considering they start off at about 20 normal damage per shot at level 1. I’m gonna have to give it a try on release, barely had enough time with him on the beta because of how long it took to unlock him :disappointed:

Yeah i was surprised as i didn’t remember it doing that much in the CTT maybe around 40?. His tmp really shines on crits which is why most people say it just tickles people most of the time because they aren’t landing crits consistently.