Caldarius: the robot who isn't a robot

Even the sentries think caldarius is a robot:
"CALDARIUS!!! Robot high-five!"
However we know that he is simply in a shock trooper suit that can be built to fit many different species, one of which is a species called the Kemessian… and we know that Caldarius is infact a Kemessian… BUT WHAT THE F¤¤¤ IS A KEMESSIAN???
Any art (concept art or fan art) showing what are bad boy mech fighter actually looks like under that armored suit?

It’s a 1-celled critter with no brain that can’t FLY! Don’t mess with me, man, I’M a LAWYER!

I agree, though. Some art, or even an idea of what a Kemessian is would be nifty. I think I remember reading somewhere (one of the lore entries?) that the suits could accomidate beings of extreme size differentials, with an example cited of one suit built for a race small enough to fit inside the helmet (the galaxy is in Orion’s belt).

So we really have no clue what a Kemessian looks like.


Yeah what we see as “caldarius” is just an armored suit that was made for all sorts of alien species. Maybe the kemessian are the extremely small species that the lore refers to, who knows

Firggin’ love you for this man.

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If I recall correctly, Kemessian is his gladitorial rank and not his race.

the wiki says his species is kemmessian

In his lore it states that Kemessians is a race plus that it implied that they are 18 inches big which is why they like fighting inside of the mech suit. It also been applied by Gearbox that Caldarius represents a Gundam which are mobile suits that are big robots made for humans to ride in fight. Since Caldarius’ mobile suit is not that big and his lore states that his race is not that big but is customize to have a ■■■■ pit design to fit his race. It must mean that his race is not that big.

Also Hylis during the the Renegade mission states that he going kill Caldarius and put him in a shoebox. I think it would be cool to no how Caldarius race looks like.

I have not red/unlocked hos lore so far, but - I KNEW IT! Since the first Renegade-mission I wondered why Hylis would take him back in a shoebox and concluded a Kemessian is a quiet tiny hostile species.

Love you for this - I first thought back to this too!

I love Caldarius. He was one of the Battleborn that I instantly fell in love with and wanted to unlock. I was DEVASTATED when Gearbox said he was not a robot. I haven’t finished all of his lore because I moved onto other characters for the past two-three weeks so I haven’t read about his size and whatnot. it’s interesting and the shoebox comment from Hylis makes it more funny now that i know his race is supposedly 18 inches.

Now that im thinking of it… I haven’t played him since I found out hes not an awesome mecha :confused:

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That’s the funny thing, though…he IS a mecha, or at least piloting one. He’s a small alien piloting what is, to him, a giant robot.

One of his lore entries makes it a bit explicit…not about Caldarius himself, but that Kemmessians are a small race. So yeah, it’s funny. Also helps explain why he’s so helpless without his armor having power.

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Yep yep! It’s pretty interesting.

Yeah I should’ve clarified I thought he was a fully automated mecha Gundam AI badass lol. “Hollow” mecha, if you will.

He’s still awesome! I just see him differently now. Isic is pretty cool, Marquis is alright, but Caldarius is like a Gundam fantasy and i assumed he was also a magnus at first :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seen somewhere,from official (reddit or here) that we gonna see OM face,how Caldy look and others fun stuff in the dlcs coming.
Hype up!

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