Caldarius' Ultimate Augments

Tuned Actuation is still probably the best choice, a great general buff that really increases mobility.

Ground Zeroed is the most interesting. You can stun people for 2 sec if they fly towards terrain after hitting them with your ult – it’s pretty awesome but more situational than TA.

But then there’s… ugh… Aerial Barrage. I myself am not sure entirely how this works, but… ew. 113 damage? Even if it’s 113 per grenade, that’s still bad. And it drops it on takeoff. Why? Caldy uses his ultimate when he needs to chase people, so if he launches from far away, it’s pointless. Even if he launches a foot away from his target, unless they’re standing still for two seconds, it’s still relatively pointless. You’ll miss them. And if they ARE standing still, you’ll tickle them.

Now I’d like to know more about this thing. How big is the splosion radius? Is it 113 per nade or total? Is it boosted by skill damage?

EDIT: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I just realized that it doesn’t drop two grenades, it drops one. Ew. Nasty. Really nasty. If it was two it’d be so much better. Not good, but better.

When the game first came out, I used to pick Aerial Barrage because I didn’t think Tuned Actuation was any good. What I would do is go up to people after flashbanging them and then use the ult to get the damage from the grenades. It’s very, very gimicky and still inferior to TA, but there’s a use for it.

Let’s just completely retool that helix choice. Ooh! How about this:

Caldarius, after launching into the air, hangs there and rapid fires a series of flashbangs for a few seconds before returning to the ground. We could even give it a unique Ult call out, umm, how about… “Vengeance Rains from Above!”.


I have only ever used TA since realizing how underwhelming Aerial Barrage’s damage is - but I haven’t used ground zero hardly at all.
I know you play Caldi a lot - are there situations where you pick Ground Zero over TA?

Never. AA is a finisher, not an initiator.

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Note: Ground Zero’s functionality was changed. Used to just be a push-away type thing, like a really weak version of Reyna’s pushback. Now it’s knockback, and it works like how Boldurdash or Lumberjack Dash knocks enemies into terrain .

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Okay, good to know- thanks!

As long as he doesn’t die immediately after activating the ult :stuck_out_tongue:

I have, on very rare occasions, used AA as an escape power. It works particularly well for that purpose in Monuments, because you can cross the entire centre and land on the far stairs with one AA. In that case, you could probably make use of the grenade to…

It really should be a flash-bang grenade. I think the original intent was probably that people would use AA to escape when they got GB-ed and couldn’t GR out because their path was blocked, but the charge-up time and the sitting-duck status at the top make that unrealistic.

Also, if you ever need advice on playing Caldi, just do whatever @lolattheseforums tells you to do. He’s the master.

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I’ve used the knockback but only on small maps - the direction it knocks back in is very glitchy and appears to draw a line from launch point, not landing point. Therefore it gets highest use on Temples / Snowblind, where the map is so constrained that people are usually against a wall anyways.

From launch point? Interesting, I’ll test this out sometime.

Oddly enough, it was this for about a year in development and I can’t for the life of me remember why we changed it. I think it was technical reasons?

/Disappears again in a puff of smoke


Well duh, it’s cause firing projectiles in the air = copying Pharah from Overwatch! Obv, you guys were copying overwatch earlier than we all thought. Trash!



You got the ult right. You’re a wizard oddjob


Please, Master Wizard Oddjob.