Caldarius vision of solitude question

I’ve been doing caldarius lore and I noticed that the vision of solitude was progressing very slowly I’m only getting 9-10 blinded kills when I know I got more than that. Is there a specific way you have to kill the blinded enemies?

What I did was make sure in PvP that I blinded the small minions and they died from the skill itself. Same for PvE but I only utilized it in weak mobs so as to maximize the amount of kills. You gotta realize that its a very short time to be blind and can end up being difficult to get the kill in time. A tip I was given is to use the Helix that fires a barrage of 3 grenades as each one has its own blinding effect


As KiRK says, the Barrage helix helps a LOT.
I also suggest running the melee build that’s floating around.
The benefit of it is closing on minion waves with Gravitic Burst and hitting more minions per swing than the TMP can hit.

It confused me a bit because the minions had the blind effect on them longer. Are they blinded a little longer or is that just a visual bug

I personally have not a clue but I dont assume the blind lasts any longer than what the game tells me when looking at his skill info. I do know what youre talking about though and I wish that was made a bit more clear whether they were blinded longer or not

I’d assume not as well. I’ll use flash barrage and see how things work with that thanks for the help

I’ve been trying to do that same lore mission for weeks. And in 1 solo play through I’m at 190. Use the flash barrage augment.