Caldarius White Hex skin?

Is it in Jennerit loot packs or do I get it some other way?

all skins you do not see in the appearance screen as locked are obtained in faction packs yes (other than exclusive skins like the gold ones and the ones from the dd edition)

Every hero, to the best of my knowledge, has a gray/white, a maroon, and a yellow+purple skin from faction packs.

Caldarius additionally has a silver skin with hex patterns called Supernova, which is a Digital Deluxe exclusive.

That was the skin I was talking about. Thank you for telling me, because I kept spending credits on the Jennerit packs and began to lose faith that it was in there.

It’s not in there. :frowning:

It’s my go-to skin, though, when I don’t want to rock Void and call too much attention to myself (you get a lot more attention as a purple Caldarius as it’s relatively uncommon to see).

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