Caldarius's Broken Movement

Before I begin, I just want to say its not about nerfing Caldy’s G.M. during Slow CC effect.
Its about his entire buggy and downgraded movement that annoys me (specially since its not fixed)
Here a list of them:

1.Sometimes , Gravity Manipulation doesn’t work. I’m trying to dash around rapidly , but for some reason in one of my “jumps” it doesn’t work.

2.Gravity Manipulation causes frame drop/skip - this is probably this worst part of Caldarius. Every time you dash the game will drop frames during that moment. Doesn’t matter if you own a high performance PC with high connection speed , you won’t be able to see whats going on while dashing around. Caldarius is all about hopping around and assaulting SIMULTANEOUSLY.
Ironically if you want to shoot ,you have to stand on ground which makes you vulnerable .

3.Helix option “Exit strategy” glitch:
This ability is useful when you’re focus on skill DMG and TMP DMG. Problem is that it works when it feels like it. sometimes you’ll lunch to the air , somethings you fall to ground.
This needs either to be replaced or fixed. I would definitely pick this up if it’s updated.

4.Gravitic burst skill : yet another critical skill that only works and it feels like it. When you try to escape you sometimes may use Gravity burst.
Sadly , even if you aren’t near an enemy,chances are, you’ll stop mid dash for no reason. Again this needs to be fixed already.

5.Helix option “Overdrive” : 2 seconds of 30% movement speed upon any skill activation.
why 2 seconds ? Not to mention why use it when you have G.M. ? IMO useless helix option.

6.Last is his ULT : you wish to land on a spot you aim for and the cursor shows that you’ll land there. But all of a sudden an invisible ceiling stops you.

Caldarius is considered “Agile” , and for someone who has bugs and glitches particular in his movement , this makes him completely unreliable in competitive matches.

Caldy is suppose to be Genji’s Battleborn , only faster and more badass. So please ,just fix those annoying glitches. its been a year

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Meh, I think it looks bad on paper but works well in practice. It’s mainly meant for small jukes after using Gravitic Burst, and also hovering quicker (allowing better tracking of target kinda) while in the air with his ult.

Over drive is actually a very useful. It makes Gravitic Burst an amazing escape and makes him that much harder to pin down when he dives.

This issue isn’t specific to Caldarius. There are many skills that get stopped at certain points on the map, getting caught on geometry that it shouldn’t be getting caught on and stopping. Happens with Deande’s Burst Dash and Drop Kick a lot.

Caldarius is still regarded as one of the better characters in the game, casual and competitive. He’s an early pick in Meltdown and Incursion. His mobility is rivaled only by Mellka and he has one of the best wave clear tools in the game.


same thing happens with burst dash and catalytic smash and probably more. I couldn’t agree more that it needs to be fixed, even though my motivation to agree is Deande based.


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Caldarius’s double jump has a cooldown, and it won’t reset mid jump. If you thrust just before landing and jump immediately afterwards, it won’t recover in time and you’ll fail to dash.

Overdrive is tremendously useful. It basically gives you Shayne’s Fleet of Foot on command, and it can stack if you pop skills in succession quickly. The extra movement speed multiplies the strength of the bounceback, so you can launch 30-40 feet in the air and jump away for maximum evasion.

Burst collides with geometry a lot. Always activate it in the air.

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This precisely. It really annoys me when I miss my Burst Dash because it gets stopped by geometry… I think what aggravates me more though, is when Deande’s Drop Kick ‘rebounds’ randomly, and launches you backwards after using it. The worst thing is not knowing when it’s going to happen. This has messed up my escape numerous times in PvP, and is just an irritating hindrance in PvE.

I find that the geometry clipping is most noticeable when playing on Echelon, on the two flights of stairs just before the first sentry. Whenever I try to Burst Dash down the stairs, it ends up stopping short at the top. It seems to mess up Ghalts hook too. Occasionally, when I’ve been hooked, the top of stairs has prevented me from being pulled in any further. While I’m thankful that the geometry of the map saved me from being pulled into the enemy team completely, I still can’t help but feel like it’s unfair whenever things like this happen.