Caldarius's damage

I feel like his TMP and sword swings are kinda on the low side of things, it felt like I was shooting a peashooter with his timp and the blade swings were kinda meh, i feel his flashbang cooldown is also a bit high for the low time enemies are flashed…anyone else feeling this?

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He is not supposed to deal big damage. He is very good at harassing and poking the enemy while freely being able to get away as well as gathering shards for the team. If you are having issues with getting kills try weakening the enemy to about 50% health then flashbang and ult for the kill. If you need any tips on him feel free to add me -Kasus12- and i will be happy to help.

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I feel like Caldarius is great how he is. When you can really get to the enemy, and blind them, his low-ish damage is just fine. I’ve had a real hard time playing against him in a game! Especially teamed up with whoever is near him. ;p

Perfectly described. I haven’t been in the open beta yet but Cal was my main during the CTT, and this is pretty much exactly how I played him. Once I had a playstyle down for him, I was getting a respectable number of kills, lots of assists, very few deaths (as in several matches in a row with 0 deaths), and a very high score. His speed allows him to cut back and farm shards without leaving the action for too long, and those shards along with his speed makes him an ideal character to keep your team’s buildables in good order.

Spam flashbang as often as you can and stay elusive. It will pay off for your team in the long run.

Remember that his ultimate can also be used for escape. There will be situations where you are cornered and landing even a well-executed ult won’t save you, just target a far away spot on the map and let it blast you to safety.

Well to further prove your point last night i went up against a super try hard team who had a Reyna, Miko and Galilea… needless to say they were too focused on healing her and i was able to kill the Miko and Reyna while she was trying to catch me. The Galilea ended the game with a 8-8 and I believe i was around 20-1 because again they just couldn’t catch me while i kited them. Caldarius to OP please nerf now.

I agree his damage output seems lacking in comparison to the in-depth play mechanics of other battleborn. I feel like he just needs a little buff to his harassment or kill potental, some ideas…

  • Energy blade, TMP, and skills do additional damage to enemies or player below 35% health

  • Deal bonus damage to blinded enemies.

  • Killing blinded enemies or players deceases all cooldowns.

As of now he seems to lack an interesting play mechanic in general, other than just being fast…

Not sure about the current version, but Caldarius was very well balanced in the CTT. He’s more of a mobile aggressor with a pea shooter than anything, and he really shines in PvE, or as support in PvP.

His melee is powerful, but slow, so only use it when necessary; his TMP is not worth upgrading because it’s just good enough to work; but his skills are where the power lies.

Flashbang is okay to start, but quickly lets you customize for pvp or pve roles, and unlike some changes to skills, either choice is still good for any role you’d use the skill in. The dash attack can be a great multitool, allowing for quick entrances and exits,and the ultimate is great for evasion and shutting down an area, especially in Meltdown.

So all I’m supposed to do with Caldarius is gather shards, build things and rack up assists? I imagine he’ll be more important in Capture mode where his ability to enter and exit quickly is more valued.


Honestly I think he needs more damage or they need to increase his blades attack speed. Because how i feel when playing him is he doesn’t have the health to support the low damage he has. He is still fun tho.


Instead of damage increase I’d give him better helix options(even the mutations suck except one). Like make the Blind status last longer and/or, give him more cooldown reduction and in addition to the Phasebang helix upgrade passing through allies it also passes through the environment. I think that would be enough to make him better but keep him from sliding into the Assassin role.

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I spent the second-most time playing Caldarius because I wanted to like him, but frankly I just never did as well playing him as I did other characters. I think that due to his mobility he has great potential if you can master him, but it feels as if the time it would take to master him in his current state, I could master a couple of other characters and have the same impact.

Anyway, I’d love to see one of two kinds of buffs for him. (Possibly changes in the helix)

First Idea (More burst damage)
More damage/attack speed with his melee, with a concurrent reduction in damage via his TMP.

This would make him better prepared to hover around the edges waiting for an opportunity and to be able to get into the action a bit more quickly because you have better burst damage when you want to use it.

I also think that providing more burst damage with his melee is more in line with his character style. If i want more damage down range I would pick a ranged character. I see him as someone to play where you harrass your enemy from afar, and when you think it’s time to strike you fly in. (Maybe that is why I’m not so good with him, because that is what I was trying, but his melee felt lacking…especially against other melee characters even when I felt I pressed them at the right time)

Second idea (Cool Down for Gravitic Burst)
The other idea would be cool-down for Gravitic Burst. Was thinking something along the lines of made melee strikes. The thought would be to dive in, land a flurry of hits, and then dive out. If something of this nature was added, then you could reduce the melee damage to compensate. So you would reduce his burst damage but increase his escapability. So the idea would be not to be a finisher, but more as an initiator. Jump in, land as many hits as you can, then as soon as the cool-down hits, jump out. You could even make him more squishy to prevent players from trying to finish things when they have no business staying in the action.

Anyway, I love the idea of a skirmisher/harrasser character and I think he has the most potential to fit the bill. He just seemed a bit lacking in something…but it could just be that I need a lot more work on him…which I’ll do starting in early May.

Side Note: I did find myself getting clipped on things all the time, especially when trying to Burst, so it would be great if that could get looked into.

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