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Yes,I am aware that there is Black Ops 3 thread already,but this one is for other games of the series.

Any fans of the zombie mode here?

I am not a huge BO1 zombies fan. I like the survival mode in MW3 more. Zombies is just so repetetive to me, I can’t get past round 20 without feeling bored at the end. Haven’t played the zombies mode in the other games though.

Also Dead Ops Arcade FTW. It kind of is zombies mode and kind of isn’t.

I look at it like this.

On one hand, it could be another BO2, where I play the absolute â– â– â– â–  out of it, hit the max prestige, unlock all camos, and all of that.

On the other hand, it could turn out to be another Ghosts/Advanced Warfare. Here is the list of things that made those two the worst COD games in the series:

Lag Comp. Why? We didn’t need it in WAW, we didn’t need it in BO2, so why would we need it in any others?

Unbalancing (and this I really can’t get my head around). So everyone’s using the BAL, right? Well, I like to be different and take, say, an Assault Rifle with me. Why is it an SMG can outperform an Assault Rifle in almost any aspect? Why is it I manage to get 6 rounds on target and not kill enemies, yet they can hit me 3 times and kill me?
Why is this acceptable?

Which leads me onto my third point.

Bullet Sponges.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have unloaded a clip (and I’m not exaggerating here) into an enemy, only to have them turn around, put two bullets in me and drop me. The rage this instills in me is second to none. I might as well not shoot people, eh?

I mean, for Christ sake, I’m not a crap player. I’m not the worst, either. I can see ■■■■■■■■ as soon as it happens, and my God there was so much in both these games. The same list applies to both AW and Ghosts.

But I still (and I traded in AW months ago) can’t get over the weapon balancing. What an absolute joke. If I see a gun that’s dominating, I go “ooh, I like it, I want it!”. But why is it crap when I start using it? That can’t be right. I don’t care if they’re using the BAL or the MP5. If I shoot them in the face first, I should get the kill. It is as simple as that.
Why they don’t take a leaf out of Battlefields’s book and make it so that if you both shoot each other, chances are you’ll both die, is beyond me. But that is the point that I cannot hammer home hard enough.

But I tell you something, have you seen the amount of people on Facebook complaining about AW whenever the COD page posts something? People are finally coming to their senses, and realising that there is actually no real community support. You can see the devs and whatever DO NOT listen to fans of the series. We asked for a World War game, what do they give us? More futuristic sci-fi crap.

In my honest opinion, if this flops (which, in a way, I hope it does) it may be the last COD game to be released. I think people are finally saying “no, we won’t play a game whose main selling point, the MP, is broken to unplayable levels” and not buying it.

I’m sorry for the long arse post, but this is the way I feel.

TL;DR, could be COD’s last game, Battlefield wins.

Every COD game is unbalanced. Kind of mind-boggling how OP guns and perks make it into the game, shows a lack of play-testing. What’s even more mind-boggling is that it usually takes like 6 months to rebalance the game and even then, it is not always a success.

I swear, you would only see like 4 guns on the killfeed in MW3.

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But what annoys me more I think is the lack of care. People left right and centre say that “this needs nerfing” or “this needs a buff” yet all they do is pump it full of f****** DLC. It makes me so angry. If people like Gearbox, Bungie, etc. can do it, why can’t they? Seems to me like they really only do care about the money.

As for the killfeed, yes, I have to agree with that.

True. BO1 was the first COD game I bought and I was quite pissed that the Famas and AK-74u were clearly superior to the other options. Also, there were so many near-identical weapons. There were like 10 SMGs that had the exact same fire rate of 900 RPM. Many of them even had the same mag size and recoil pattern.

Then I got MW3. The weapons were much more diverse, but there was even more OP stuff. As I said, only 4 guns on the killfeed, plus everyone and their grandmother ran around with Assassin Pro, a perk that rendered half of the killstreaks useless. I was even more pissed. They also nerfed the hell out of shotguns. I was so sad when the Spas-12, one of my favourite weapons in both gaming and cinema, was essentialy a bean-bag shooter. Stopped playing the COD games after that.

But I still like to pop both of those games in every now and then for some Survival mode or Dead Ops Arcade. :smile:

Didn’t Ghost have the fastest TTK in the series?

You are probably the first person to like DOA.

IW logic:

COD4 -> MW2 Buff shotguns and make them secondaries

MW2 -> MW3 Nerf shotguns and make them primaries

I personally love Quickdraw.

Nothing like spamming flash grenades :stuck_out_tongue:

But on the bright side,Assassin is better than every camper going 30-0 by stacking Pretador -> Harrier -> AC130 with Danger Close Pro.

On the topic of Assassin: Countering Radar is fine,but this is not

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Nice, I thought I was the only one who watched Raging Amish. Too bad he only uploads like once a year now.

I swear, the standard loadout in MW3 was:

MP7 silenced
FMG9 Akimbo (which was more effective than the shotguns in all honesty)
Blind Eye Pro (I don’t have a problem with that perk though)
Assassin Pro
Dead Silence Pro

That was the only thing i saw during the killcams.

Not Stalker?

Hardly anyone listens to footsteps if not playing S&D.

Zombie mode is the only reason why I would even consider buying a CoD game, hopefully classic WaW/BO1 zombies comes back.

I don’t think CoD games are good but I can’t deny I have fun playing them.
Haven’t played any of the ones after BO2 because moved to PC, BO3 pc port looks decent for once though.

Whoops, my mistake. I haven’t played the multiplayer in 3 years, got the perks mixed up. That doesn’t mean that we can’t discuss the multiplayer portions though, I remember those days like they were yesterday. :smiley:

I will have to disagree.

When it comes to my money, maps like MotD and Origins are worth much more than any of the BO1 DLC maps.

The map designs where good with BO2, dlc anyway, but it’s a bit to mutch of trying to be original and not stale, glob I hate that buss.
I however think BO1/WaWs maps are better. there’s a bit of nostalgia to them for me.

I think a middle ground between them, good map design with not so many try to be original things.
I just want to flip the powerswitch not go on a treasure hunt.

Aka dlc maps from BO2 but gameplay from BO1/WaW.

I can see why people don’t like the staleness but I don’t mind it personaly because shotting zombies.
I wouldn’t mind some spicy in there though so not as many circles…

BO2 had one of the worst lag comps.

There are videos showing a LAN game where a player comes round a corner, shoots a guy before he’s even seen him in the doorway.

I agree it’s the biggest problem, and it lowers the skill ceiling emmensly.

I doubt it will be better though.

Remember when Robert Bowling said that Final Stand wasn’t going to appear in MW3? But it did? Not only that, they also introduced something even worse, Dead Man’s Hand. It was the Painkiller of MW3.

Deathstreaks in general were a horrible idea. It essentialy rewards players for doing bad and punishes those who are doing well. The only decent deathstreaks were Juiced and Copycat (which wasn’t even featured in MW3).

Last Stand,as the perk didn’t return,he was right about that I guess.

As for Juiced,I was actually suprised that a lot of people hate it for some reason.
They probably don’t realize that it is million times better than someone using LS/Mart/DMH.

It is crazy to think that we had Last Stand and Martyrdom as perks…

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Juiced makes you harder to hit, but it usually doesn’t last that long. It just helps you get back into combat faster. Copycat was just perfect. It was great if you were getting killed by someone with OP gear you hadn’t unlocked yet. I can’t understand why they didn’t bring it back in MW3.

But Dead Man’s Hand though… It was like a Predator Missile in your pocket. The range on that thing was just stupid.

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Remember the time when IW took one of the only few good things added into MW3 (specialist) and made it horrible in their next game?

Haven’t played Ghosts. What did they do to it?