Call to arms : fanfiction writers for battleborn, arise!

We definitely don’t have enough battleborn fanfiction out there, that’s a fact. On, in the Battleborn section that isn’t even available in the main “Games” page, you have to search it in the research bar, we only have EIGHT stories. EIGHT.

This sucks hard.

And when we compare it to another fandom we love to hate on these forums ? (cough Overwatch cough) They have 181 stories. That’s more than twenty-two times the number of stories for Battleborn.

Are we going to let them beat us? Are we going to pass up on the great ideas that just wait to be written down? Are we going to hide our writing talents to the world?

To that, dear badasses, I say no. We can write quality stuff for Battleborn, because damn it, this game deserves it.

This is a call to any fanfic writer, new or old, amateur or professional, on these forums: give this game some love! Write your ideas down, you could be surprised yourself by the result!

Oh, and to prove that I’m not a complete hypocrite, here is the link to the story I started in Battleborn’s universe: (That makes me some publicity too, so, yipee.)

Once again, fellow badasses, prove that you got as much in your brains than in your brawns, like Oscar Mike and his spider poems for personal enrichment! Write, for Solus!


I’m sticking with Kleese and Ghalt adopting some kittens that help save the star. The only fanfic I need.

I was actually noticing that there was no Battleborn section on and started a one-shot today.

It’s not finished yet but when ‘The Binding of ISIC’ is done I’ll let you know.

On it…

I’ve taken up this call, and have already posted my introduction. While looking at how many current stories there are on the fanfic page, I found yours, and it is good. There;s a few grammar mistakes, but the story is great so far. I like what you did with Benedict and Shayne, and hope to see much more from you. Great job, and FANFIC WRITERS UNITE.

Hrm… I WAS considering making a military story for Montana and Mike, so that might happen. I’ll mull this over.

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Thanks for your answers guys !

Glad to see I’m not the only one having ideas over the forum XD

And thanks mrbombasticronca for the kind words :slight_smile:

If this ain’t smutty I’m out.

Then you’re out.

Sorry, I don’t write smut. But if kinky robot smut is your thing, you go enjoy it.

It was a joke, I don’t even read smut. The name just sounded like a great pun.

I have to agree, the pun was quite good.
Would “The Binding of ISIC” contains, by chance, demons, Biblic imagery, and a fat, sick, ugly robot mom that tried to murder her son because the Magna Carta said so ?

No, but that’s exactly where I got the title from.

Honestly, I’m trying to write something that would hopefully fit in perfectly as one of the Lore Challenge excerpts.

I want to say I’m about halfway done.