Calling All Battleborn Artists! Requesting 2 Creations!

(Deandes in crime ) #41


Do we even still have beaches?

(Handsome Warrior Poet) #42

Who said anything about going to the beach?

(Deandes in crime ) #43


In That case sure what the hell.

(Deandes in crime) #44

Oh, that’s easy. Just photoshop Marquis’ Schwimwear onto Deande and voilà. There you have it.

Excuse me, I now have to quit playing Deande for suggesting that…

(Handsome Warrior Poet) #45

I have no idea how to use photoshop i’m a writer not an artist shrugs

(Deandes in crime) #46

Heh. I can’t either. :smile_cat:

(I draw all da things \ >w< /) #47

O hey, I’m starting the rough sketch tonight. I’ll try to get this out there very soon!



Thank you so much, honestly!

Which one (possibly both…! Fingers crossed!) have you chosen?

(Deandes in crime ) #49

And for being a ground zero Deande :wink:

(Deandes in crime) #50

Pfffttt, I don’t know what you’re talking about. That image was a fake. I would NEVER, EVER, in all eternity, pick such a helix option.

(Just be glad that I didn’t do an @Ashbweh). :stuck_out_tongue:


@Phoenix-2613 @ashbweh

Oooohhhh what’s the story there???

(The Title Master) #52

I think she’s on about the other day, I ran a story with the 3 Deande mains, all of us playing Deande of course. I was the only Ground Zer Deande and understandably destroyed them all in damage… :wink:



Minion Assassin Deande!!!

(Deandes in crime) #54

Oh yes, you totally destroyed us all in damage. If your version of ‘destroying’ is being bottom of the damage dealt section that is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Deandes in crime ) #55

Destroyed us in damage = feeding

Hey to be fair @Phoenix-2613 he did regenerate more health through health regent gear than all of us combined. Truly an impressive feat.

(The Title Master) #56

I did the start the suicides at the end so clearly I have some kind of mind control influence over you guys!

(Deandes in crime) #57

Eh, I’ll give you that one. :joy:

(Deandes in crime ) #58

Ground zero hidden mind control effect confirmed? Sounds like another session of testing is in order. I’ll rally the troops.

Blaine! @blainebrossart1 get your swords over here! This is a matter of the highest priority. Maybe resulting in another guardrail-like guide thread.

I hope to see you all at the crack of dawn. Take the day off work. Those who are late or absent will be summarily smited down.

(Kain Zilla) #59

You have only yourself to blame for this…

(Deandes in crime) #60

AHAHAHAHA. I’m dying. :laughing:


Thank you.

Worth it. :smirk: