Calling All Flakkerista's - Help!

(Exmachina) #1

I am in possession of a Level 53 Impetous Flakker

I realise from the posts that it’s a Love/Hate gun as i want to spread the love I’d appreciate any tips.

From what I have read it only works well from a specific distance… how do i find what this is?

Any tips you can give would be appreciated…


Have you checked out Blutfatal’s Flakker Guide yet?

Speaking of @Blutfatal , he should be arriving any moment. :slight_smile:

(Cast Iron Chef) #3

In BL 2 there was a sweet spot, but in TPS it seems that as long as you’re not in melee range, you should be able to hit your target. I’ve had a much easier time hitting my target in TPS than I ever did in BL 2. The pellets seem to dissipate about as far as you can through a grenade in atmosphere though, so don’t expect to be able to snip with it.

(Where's lucky?) #4

My best advice is go shoot things to find its min and max range, its easier that way than listen to someone explain it in text.

(Imit8m3) #5

Do a butt slam and it should knock a human enemy back a ways. This is a good distance to start from, but some fine tuning will be needed to get the best results. Also keep trying for a casual flakker, it almost doubles the damage output!

(Min/Maxing and Flakker god) #6

I’ll do a tps version soon.

(Exmachina) #7

Spent the afternoon,killing kraggons to get the range… I’ve only scavs were the size of kraggons :slight_smile:

(Min/Maxing and Flakker god) #8

Sounds like a good afternoon to me.

(Davin Dittrich - the one and only Narf) #9

I totally sucked at Flakking in BL2, but in TPS its much more forgiving. I even use it as main weapon for killing flying enemys and UVHM-badass-foes. Its fun as hell in TPS!

Edit: try to find out the right distance with frozen enemys, preferable badasses. They make good pseudo-test-dummies!

(Stoop) #10

Yeah. It’s probably the best gun in TPS, and I only say “probably” because Bullpup. I was used to it in BL2 but it seems even easier to me in TPS as well.

I wouldn’t call it a love/hate weapon any more. More like love/LURVE.

(Min/Maxing and Flakker god) #11

well if they patch the thing for bullpup then it is THE best no question.