Calling all Lore Nerds

Hey guys, I’m starting work on a weird side project to kill time while I’m at work that’s going to be pretty lore intensive. I wanted to make this topic because while I’ll have access to the wiki and other resources, there are probably going to be some questions that I have that don’t have immediate answers. I’m hoping you guys can help out, and wanted to post this here on the OG board because it feels like there might be a few of you out there that have a really solid lore grip on the whole series (although I will have to move to other boards for certain specialties).

I don’t have much to ask for right now, but my first question is pretty simple - is there a name for the larger borderlands universe/galaxy? A lot has been said about Pandora, obviously, but there are pretty clearly some other planets and solar systems in the mix, but I don’t know if it’s all relegated to one galaxy or overall sector or something. Any light you can shine on this would be helpful.

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I haven’t heard one… I don’t think it’s common to ‘name’ the universe unless other work is outside of the scope of the work in question, where a distinction is necessary. ‘Borderlands’ universe otherwise comes to mind. :thinking:

Yeah, it’d probably be weird, but I thought it may just be out there. I ask because part of my project is kind of leaving room for BL3/other sequels to add locations outside of pandora, so I was hoping for something direct but… it’s entirely possible that that’s just not the case.

They would still be in the ‘Borderlands’ universe, no? Pandora, Elpis, Promethea, and so on… if they suddenly met up with the Avengers, they’d be in a different (Marvel) universe, and a name change would be warranted.

I also don’t think the storyline has had the sort of event that fractures/splits the timeline into separate universes, where they would similarly need distinct names for the reader to keep them straight (like the Star Trek fork with JJ Abrams’ recent additions).

I wouldn’t say no to C-131 featuring “Brick and Mordy” either. :smile:

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Sooooooo what comes first to my mind would be…

You know…


Or Trap-Verse…:bldancing:

But certainly not Uni-Trap nor Uni-Clap… Doesn’t sounds right… :blzzzzzz:


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The 6 systems, or the 6 galaxies. These are the names used interchangeably in dialogue, mainly in radio ads. No one is really clear which one, but it’s probably the galaxies referring to our own local group. Whatever one you think sounds better, really.


Pandoraverse or how about pandaverse?