Calling All PS4 Battleborners - I've Made A Chat!

Hello, fellow PS4 Battleborners!

I recently created a chat where I invited everyone from these forums that I had in my friends list to a convenient chat on PSN where we can all talk / organize online.

There are I believe 17 of us in there so far.

If you would like to be a part of it, please post your PSN ID here and I will shoot you a friend request / chat invite.

Or, send a friend request to me FilthyLittleGod on PSN and be sure to mention that you are from the forums.

Thanks in advance!


Tx, Flames! :dukeaffirmative:

As a result, got a most fun (and first) cross world (Iceland - Australia) match this morning with @Slif_One + @EdenSophia and Ginger (and I can testify that those 3 forum’s finest wrecked Coldsnap).

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That’s awesome, you guys!

Add me! All my friends are leaving the game and i need to replace them fast. - nemosis327

Are people staying in the chat during games or is this more of an organize/group up and go out there type of thing?

Like what you’re doing, just seems like it may get a tad crowded if several people are chatting at the same time about several different games.

How’d it go?


I invited you, did I not?

Come and find out!


Added and invited!

I usually only browse the forums while I’m at work. I have a salary job that ranges from “not enough hours in the day” to “sitting here twiddling my thumbs.”

Probably won’t be on PSN until around 6 p.m. (CST). If chat is still up I’ll jump in.

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I got school and afterschool activities so i usually play around 6pm (pt) around 2-3 times a week. Mostly weekends though.
If you want me, its JediSanjay

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Sent you a friend request!

Once you accept, I can invite you to the Forum Folks chat!

Always looking to play with folks. My PSN is vegan_cookies5

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I’ll add / invite you as soon as I get on today!

Battleborn is always better with other people, sadly holidays are ending in my country so I won’t be able to play to much outside of weekends. PSN: lazar900

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Thanks I’ll do the same for you!

@vegancookies5 @avi16200

Sent you both friend requests.

PSN:AkuTheWicked sure looks like fun

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Sent you a friend request!

Im guessing you’re filthygod?

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Indeed I am!

It can’t be a party chat with mics because the limit is 8. It’s more of a group messaging system.