Calling All Rangers

William O. Darby himself has put out the call from HQ.

Need a party of four Commandos/Rangers equipped with the Legendary Ranger Com.

PC Platform…OP8 Mission

Suggested shield is the Blockade…but your call.

Shields will have close to a 200% Delay Reduction and Approx 240% increased recharge. BIG shields like the Blockde will recharge in virtually less than a second …and a Blockade with a Delay of around 2 will mean a Delay of less than a second. If I have done my calculations correctly.

Why…for the hell of it…and to test a theory.

Who is in??

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Red Five standing by!

I think I missed the call… Maybe another night?

Nope…we haven’t set a time yet.

I now have 3 Airborne Volunteers (counting myself)

Need one more to fill out the Fire Team.

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Sounds interesting.

I’ll be on in about 2 hrs. If you find a four man team before I get online, I won’t be offended. :slight_smile:

Me: “‘William O. Darby himself has put out the call from HQ.’ Have you found everybody you need, John?”

So again…Fry.

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Alpha, Rita’s escaped.

Recruit a team of adolescents with attitude!

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Go Go Power Rangers!!! Excellent guitar solo Mighty morphin’ Power Rangers!!




Gulf…do you play a Commando?? I know Maya and Krieg…maybe Gaige IIRC
"Cruz…are you PC…can’t remember…If one of the forementioned can’t…you both are certainly welcome.

I also can probably get Abvex or Derch…or both if we need subs.

I am on Eastern Standard US time and we just switched to daylight savings which makes me currently GMT-4

What is a good time for you guys??? Any particular days??

Demonite: Perhaps a good video for your YouTube Channel??

I can play any character, I just need a little time to grab some gear that, uh, fell off the back of the wagon. :wink:

Most nights are good for me (Pacific Standard Time)… I need a day’s notice, or there’s a much higher chance that I’ll wind up involved in something else. I should be unencumbered for this entire weekend.

I’m thinking that this might be a great opportunity to not only test things with the Ranger Com, but with the Gunner Com, too. I was only able to find out what 3 Commandos could do with Gunner Coms, so it would be really cool if someone could record it in action with a full party.

Just an idea.

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Im a PS3 player, sorry ):