Calling All Thorns!

I want some fun interesting games with other people. Just some really relaxed, but fun and unique matches. So here’s my idea. I enjoy playing as Thorn. She’s by far my favorite character, and I know others have the same opinion. Have you ever wondered what a PvP match would look like if everyone chose thorn? Can you imagine the complete mayhem going around the map. Volleys going everywhere, blights covering the map, giant green bombs being launched as far as the eye can see.
If you think this sounds like something fun to do, join me in creating the most unique battleborn experience by having everyone pick the same characters.
This is for PS4.
My short term plan is get at least ten people interested and figure out a time when we can all party up. Play at least a match or two doing this.
Also would love to do the same thing with different characters as well. Maybe have a giant sniper battle with ten marquis’s. See how long we can draw out a match with ten kleese’s. Ten reyna’s could be interesting. The amount of napalm pools and air strikes would be interesting with ten Oscar Mike’s. Ten raths, Kelvin, ambra, whiskey foxtrot. The sky is the limit.
I created a ps4 community called, "Calling All Thorns."
If you are interested in something like this join up.
My Ps4 network name is, “AncientBelgareth.” Search for me to find the community easily. It’s open to anyone interested.
I don’t plan on making this into any sort of competition, just some really friendly, relaxed, and fun matches. YouTube’s and streamers welcome. Would love to see this on YouTube and give a little good publicity to the game. Maybe attract new people.
Lastly if the community becomes large enough we could do multiple events of these types of matches and make it a regular thing.
Thoughts or ideas?

Add me on PSN ‘ShadowStarKing’ i’m down to do that.